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Board of Directors

Members: Eric Smith President, Allison Thomas Vice President,  Erin Miley Treasurer, JoAnn Clough Secretary, Mathew Jenkins Director, Charlotte Dumford Director, Danielle Piascik, Director

Editorial Committee-Description

Members: John Dumford-Chair, Laurie Williams-Editor, Charlotte Dumford-Board Liaison, Heather Bonser-Blaylock, Annette Carpenter,  Angie DePuydt, Lori Ann Thwing, Amanda Connerton

Editorial Committee Minutes 12.16.21

Editorial Committee Minutes 1.13.22

Editorial Committee Minutes 3.31.22

Editorial Committee Minutes 4.21.22

Editorial Committee Minutes 7.7.22

Editorial Committee Minutes 11.10.22

Marketing Committee

Finance Committee-Description

Members: Amy Rogala-Hobbs-Chair, Erin Miley-Board Liaison, Linda Hawkins, Jack Vanderkooy, Caron Osborn

Meets as needed

Finance Committee 11.11.21

Finance Committee 12.9.21

Finance Committee 2.14.22

Finance committee 4.11.22

Finance Committee 5.11.22

Finance Committee 6.9.22

Finance Committee 7.21.22

Finance Committee 8.11.22

Finance Committee 9.22.22

Finance Committee 11.3.22

Education Committee

Members: Claudia Rayner-Chair, Danielle Piascik-Board Liaison, Marion Troyer, Kallie Rayner, Jessica O’Donnell, Rachel Kafka, Katie Wenger, Madeline Snyder. Lori Ann Thwing

Meets monthly

Education Committee 11.23.21

Education Committee 12.28.21

Education Committee 1.25.22

Education Committee 4.4.22

Education Committee 6.20.22

Education Committee 9.26.22

Health Committee

Members: Angie DePuydt-Chair, JoAnn Clough-Board Liaison, Caron Osborn, Lisa Domier, Tracey Estes, Dr. Jennifer Melgey, Geneva Maxwell, Aimee Zillar, Becca McCartney

Meets Monthly

Mission Statement: To support and enhance the general health and longevity of the Friesian Horse

Health Committee Minutes 3.31.22

Health Committee Minutes 4.7.22

Health Committee Minutes 4.28.22

Health Committee Minutes 5.26.22

Health Committee Minutes 6.30.22

Health Committee minutes 7.28.22

Health Committee Minutes 8.25.22

Health Committee Minutes 10.20.22


Mare Show-East/West

Members: East Chair-Carrie Blair, West Chair-Annette Carpenter,

Rules and Regulations/ByLaws Committee

Members: Allison Thomas, Charlotte Dumford, Claudia Rayner, Nina Miller

Meets as needed

ByLaw Committee 6.13.22

Annual General Meeting

Members:Joan Kissling-Chair, Mathew Jenkins-Board Liaison, Brittany Young, Leah McFarland, Becca Eccard

AGM Committee Minutes 5.3.22

AGM Committee Minutes 6.7.22

AGM Committee Minutes 6.28.22

AGM Committee Minutes 7.26.22

AGM Committee Minutes 8.25.22

AGM Committee Minutes 10.25.22

ABFP/Stallion Testing Committee

Members: Discontinued until needed

Membership Committee

Members: Becca Eccard-Chair, Mathew Jenkins-Board Liaison, Maria Link, Jess Dodge, Jesus Solis

Youth Committee: Alana Bent, Maria Link, Erin Miley-Board Liaison

Membership Committee Minutes 10.18.21

Membership Committee Minutes 11.18.21

Membership Committee Minutes 5.25.22

Membership Committee Minutes 6.29.22

Youth Committee Minutes 8.1.22

Youth Committee Minutes  9.14.22


Breeding Committee-Description

Members: Marita Floryn-Chair, Allison Thomas-Board Liaison, Rachel Clifford, Julee Kula, Kristy Dye, Maddie Snyder, Charlotte Dumford

Breeding Committee 11.24.21

Breeding Committee 1.5.21

Breeding Committee 3.9.22

Breeding Committee 4.13.22

Breeding Committee 6.22.22

Breeding Committee 8.3.22

Breeding Committee 9.7.22




Members: Pam Groom-Chairperson, Danielle Piascik-Board Liaison, Sarah Medler, Beverly McGowan, Debra Nichol, Lauren Riehle

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 6.24.21

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 7.15.21

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 10.6.21

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 4.11.22

Sponsorship/Events Committee minutes 5.9.22

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 6.13.22

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 7.12.22

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 8.8.22

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 9.12.22

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 10.24.22


KFPS Member Council Committee-Description

Members: Ted Vanderkooi (2024, Jack Vanderkooy (2025), Erin Miley (2026)




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