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Board of Directors

Members: Dr. Rosanne Palermo President, Marquis Laude Vice President,  Eric Smith Treasurer, Erin Miley Director, Allison Thomas Secretary, Charlotte Dumford Director

Editorial Committee-Description

Members: John Dumford-Chair, Laurie Williams-Editor, Charlotte Dumford-Board Liaison, Heather Bonser-Blaylock, Annette Carpenter, Danielle Barrasso, Dr. Kirk Steehler, Angie DePuydt, Jess Dodge

Editorial Committee Minutes 3.11.21

Editorial Committee Minutes 4.29.21

Editorial Committee Minutes 6.3.21

Editorial Committee Minutes 7.8.21

Editorial Committee 7.29.21

Editorial Committee minutes 8.19.21

Editorial Committee Minutes 9.16.21

Editorial Committee Minutes 10.14.21

Marketing Committee

Members: Joe Michielli-Chair, Eric Smith-Board Liaison, Katie Wenger, Mark Muilwijk, Lesley Goodyear, Paula Bartlett, Jacqueline Robbins, Felix Santana, Mathew Jenkins, Allison Thomas, MK Holloway

Meets Quarterly

Marketing Committee 3.22.21

Marketing Committee 4.19.21

Marketing Committee 5.17.21

Marketing Committee 6.21.21

Marketing Committee 7.26.21

Marketing Committee 8.23.21

Marketing Committee 9.2.21

Education Committee

Members: Caron Osborn-Chair, Eric Smith-Board Liaison, Dr. Kirk Steehler, Marion Troyer, Angie DePuydt, Amy Rogala-Hobbs, Tracey Estes, Lisa Baker, Mario Cerveaz, Lisa Domeier

Meets monthly

Mission Statement: To support and enhance the general health and longevity of the Friesian Horse

Education Committee 10.20.20

Education Committee 11.19.20

Education Committee 12.8.20

Education Committee 4.27.21

Education Committee 5.25.21

Education Committee 6.29.21

Education Committee 7.20.21

Education Committee 8.24.21

Mare Show-East/West

Members: East Chair-Rebecca Eccard, West Chair-Sharon Bechler, Erin Miley-Board Liaison, Tiffany Vanderkooi, Amy Kroll,

Mare Show Committee 4.21.21

Mare Show Committee 5.27.21

Mare Show Committee 7.28.21

Rules and Regulations Committee

Members: Marquis Laude, Charlotte Dumford, Eric Smith

Meets as needed


Annual General Meeting

Members: Danielle Piascik-Chair, Allison Thomas-Board Liaison, Pam Groom, Rebecca Eccard, Rebecca Wildstein

Members: Sharon Bechler-Chair, Dr. Rosanne Palermo Board Liaison

ABFP/Stallion 6.26.20

ABFP/Stallion 9.30.20

Membership Committee

Breeding Committee-Description

Members: Marita Floryn-Chair, Charlotte Dumford-Board Liaison,  Allison Thomas, Rachel Clifford, Julee Kula, Kristy Dye

Breeding Committee 10.15.20

Breeding Committee 11.9.20

Breeding Committee 12.14.20

Breeding Committee 6.7.21

Breeding Committee 7.7.21

Breeding Committee 8.4.21

Breeding Committee 9.8.21



Members: Beverly McGowan Chairperson, Marquis Laude-Board Liaison, Eric Smith, Mark McGowan, Danielle Piascik

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 6.24.21

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 7.15.21

Sponsorship/Events Committee Minutes 10.6.21


KFPS Member Council Committee-

Members: Dr. Rosanne Palermo, Charlotte Dumford, Erin Miley

Minutes from 28 May,2021



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