Board of Directors

Members: Dr. Rosanne Palermo President, Angie DePuydt Vice President, Eric Smith Director, Amy Rogala-Hobbs Treasurer, Marquis Laude Director, Allison Thomas Director, Charlotte Dumford Secretary

Inspection Committee

Members: Marquis Laude-Chairperson, Tricia Kastens, Jancy Morgan, Annie Muilwijk, JoAnn Clough ,Meets Monthly

Inspection Committee 8.13.19.pdf

FHANA Inspection Committee Meeting Minutes 09.10.19.pdf

Inspection Committee 11.12.19

Inspection Committee 12.11.19

Editorial Committee

Members: Scott Kelnhofer Chairperson, Laurie Bell-Editor, Angie DePudyt Board Liaison, Marc DiLeo, Linda Hawkins, John Dumford

Editorial Committee Minutes_05SEP19.pdf

Editorial Committee Minutes 24OCT19

Editorial Committee Minutes 12.4.19

Marketing Committee

Members: Scott Kelnhofer Chairperson, Jamie Knight, Marc Laude, Angie DePuydt Board Liaison, Allison Thomas

Meets Quarterly

Marketing Committee Minutes 7.9.19.pdf

Marketing Committee Minutes_13AUG19_V2.pdf

Marketing Committee Minutes 4NOV19

Finance Committee

Members: Amy Rogala-Hobbs Chairperson, Linda Hawkins, Jennifer Frey, Scott Kelnhofer

Meets as needed

Finance Committee 6.7.19.pdf

Finance Committee 7.12.19.pdf

Finance Committee 8.9.19.pdf

Finance Committee 11.1.19

Education Committee

Members: Charlotte Dumford Chairperson, Heidi Born-Smith, Dr. Kirk Steehler, Claudia Rayner, Sharon Bechler, Susan Porter, Amy Ziller

Meets Quarterly

Mission Statement: To support and enhance the general health and longevity of the Friesian Horse

Education Committee 6.13.19.pdf

Education Committee 8.8.19.pdf

Education Committee 9.12.19.pdf

Education Committee 10.17.19

Education Committee 11.14.19

Sports Committee

Members: Gail Aumiller Chairperson, Charlotte Dumford Board Liaison, Erin Miley, Sharon Bechler, Amy Kroll, Marita Floryn, Pam Groom

Meets as needed

horse of the year program.pdf

Sports Committee 2.6.19.pdf

Sports Committee 4.15.19.pdf

Sports Committee 5.14.19.pdf

Sports Minutes06-25-2019.pdf

Sports Committee 10.28.19

Mare Show-East

Members: Tiffany Donnelly Chairperson, Charlotte Dumford Board Liaison, Bruce Griffin, Kylee Dunn, Tiffany van der Kooi, Amy Kroll

CMS 10.9.18.pdf

Mare Show-East 4.2.19.pdf

Mare Show-East 5.7.19.pdf

Mare Show East 6.4.19.pdf

Mare Show_East 7.23.19.pdf

Mare Show East 8.27.19.pdf


Rules and Regulations Committee

Members: Marquis Laude, Eric Smith, Allison Thomas

Meets as needed


35th Anniversary Committee

Members: Jack Vanderkooy Chairperson, Allison Thomas Board Liaison, Annie Muilwijk, Kay Veinotte, Jaap Dominicus, Wilma Dominicus, Wim Floryn, Nita Floryn


35th Anniversary 6.19.19.pdf

35th Anniversary 8.7.19.pdf


ABFP/Stallion Testing Committee

Members: Dr. Rosanne Palermo Chairperson, Sharon Bechler

ABFP Committee 5.14.19.pdf

ABFP/Stallion Committee 11.21.19

Health Committee

Members: Dr. Kathy Fox Chairperson, Allison Thomas Board Liaison, Dr. Krista Porter, Dr. Ann Blakey, Dr. Kirk Steehler

Health Committee

Health Committee 4.26.18.pdf

Health Committee 5.24.18.pdf

Health Committee 8.23.18.pdf


Membership Committee

Members: Marvel Jeffcoat Chairperson, Amy Rogala, Sarah Seitz Staff Liaison, Dan Dali

Membership Committee 5.1.19.pdf

Membership committee 6.12.19.pdf

Membership committee 7.10.19.pdf

Membership Committee 9.18.19

Membership Committee 10.16.19

Breeding Committee

Members: Allison Thomas Chairperson, Charlotte Dumford, Ruth Page, Lana Markey, Ruth Baugh, Jamie Knight, Marita Floryn

Breeding Committee 11.12.18.pdf


Breeding Committee 11.25.19

Mare Show-West

Members: Sharon Bechler Chairperson, Allison Thomas Board Liaison, Marc DiLeo, Mark McGowan, Michelle Sweigart

Mare Show-West 4.8.19.pdf

Mare Show West 5.13.19.pdf

Mare Show-West July.pdf

Mare Show-West August.pdf


Member Council Committee

Members: Will Bron (term expires 2022), Gerben Steenbeek (term expires 2020), Ted Vanderkooi (term expires 2019), Marquis Laude Board Liaison

KFPS Member Council Spring Session Recap_15JUN18 r1.pdf


Committee Chairperson are appointed by the president of the Association. Committee assignments are done on an annual basis and are done by the committee chairperson. If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, please contact the FHANA office.

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