Sport Predicate

The Sport predicate can be awarded to mares, gelding, and stallions that achieve good results in competitive sport. Sport can only be earned based on results achieved at shows registered with the ” United States Equestrian Federation [USEF], United States Dressage Federation [USDF], Equestrian Canada, American Driving Society [ADS] or Koninklijke Nederlands Hippische Sportfederatie/Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS). The scores registered with USEF, USDF, ADS, Equestrian Canada, or KNHS determine qualification for the Sport predicate.

Ridden Dressage

Z1+5 Dressage (USDF) 5 scores of 60% or higher at third level or higher obtained from (3) three different judges; or Z1 Level test 23, 24, 25. and/or test 26 with 5 scores obtained from (3) three different judges of 60% or higher.  You should submit your score sheets to the FHANA office upon completion of each qualifying event.

Z1 Test 23      Z1 Test 24     Z1 Test 25     Z1 Test 26


Driven Dressage

Obtain Ten points from any FEI Single Horse Advanced Driven Dressage Test that includes a canter movment (Not the short test) from at least 3 different FEI or ‘R’ rated judges. The point system is as follows: Greater than 55 including 65 Penalty Points = 1 Point or 60%-65.9% = 1 Point, Greater than 48 including 55 Penalty Points = 2 Points or 66%-70.9% = 2 Points, Less than 48 Penalty Points or 71% or higher = 3 Points. You should submit your score sheets to the FHANA office upon completion of each qualifying event. FHANA will keep track of your points. Once your horse has obtained the appropriate points (10 Points) you will be contacted that your horse has achieved the Sports Predicate.

Test Diagram 1

Test Diagram 2


Sport Elite Predicate

The minimum requirements for being awarded the Sport “Elite” is 5 scores of at least 60% in Prix St. George or higher level of dressage or 70% in Advanced Driven Dressage.  You can also obtain this predicate by obtaining the Sport Predicate in 3 disciplines, Dressage, Driving & Show Driving.  Submit an application and qualifying score sheets to the FHANA office.

Sport Elite Application

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