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Inspections 2022 sponsored by Horses 2 Fly

2022 SPRING Inspection Application and Site Calendar-

[ 2022 SPRING Keuring Site Application ] | [ 2022 SPRING Site Calendar ]

2021 Inspections have been delayed until 2022

The owners of all horses entered in the 2022 inspections will need a 2022 FHANA Full membership.

The form Includes applicable inspection fees and payment information, application and waiver. If you have more than seven (7) horses to be inspected, use multiple copies of page two of this form. Please make sure to include the signed waiver with your inspection application.

KFPS/FHANA does require a minimum of 20 horse entries per site. If a site has less than 20 entrees it may be in jeopardy of being cancelled. If a site is cancelled for this reason a decision will be made by Aug. 15th, 2022 at which point all entries will have the option of attending another site, or they will receive a full refund.

Please remember to check with your site host for any additional facility forms or fees.

[ 2022 Keuring Site Application ] | [ 2022 Site Calendar ]


Inspection Handbook

This handbook will assist you with all of your planning for the upcoming inspections. This will answer questions about grooming, what to bring, when to be there, who to contact, and everything else we could think of to assist you.  UPDATED July 2021

[ Inspection Handbook ]

Inspection Site Host Handbook

This handbook will assist the site host in their planning for the inspections.  This will answer questions regarding the facility requirements, volunteers, order of go, and everything else the committee could think of.

[ Site Host Handbook ]

Inspection Application

This form can be used to apply for all future inspections.  This form is due Oct. 15 for the following years

Inspection Application

Triangle Requirements

All Horses will be judged in the triangle. Here are the proper dimensions of the triangle.

[ Triangle Dimensions ]  [ Video ]

Linear Score Explanation

Have you received a linear score sheet for your horse? Here is a line by line explanation. Please remember that Linear Score Sheets are only done once in the lifetime of a Friesian – usually at three years of age.

[ PDF ] |

ABFP Test and Explanation

The objective of the ABFP test is to provide an objective way to establish aptitude as a dressage and/or driving and/or show driving horse.  Click for more information and requirements.

IBOP tests and explanation of scores

IBOP tests, along with requirements for the arena, and horse. Explanations of requirements and scoring are included. Click for more information and requirements.

Ridden IBOP Attire and Tack Information

Here is a document that should answer any question you have regarding the attire and equipement allowed for a ridden IBOP test. Please remember that any time, while mounted at the inspection site, the rider must be wearing an ASTM certified helmet with the harness secured and properly fitted. Click for more information and requirements.

Inspection Special Awards

IBOP Cup Explanations

Iron Spring Farm and Dream Gait Friesians are the sponsors of the IBOP Cups. The IBOP Cup is an award that was established in 2011 and is available to all participants who enter the IBOP in either driving or under saddle. Click for more information and requirements.

Vanderploeg North American Breeders Award

The Vanderploeg Breeders award is to be awarded to the best 3 or 4 year old mare judged in each year’s North American keuring cycle. Primary criteria is the mare must be be born in North America to be eligible. This award will be awarded to the Breeder of record on the registration papers. This award was established for the 2015 Keurings.

[ Vanderploeg Breeders Award Criteria ]

The Friesian Magazine

The Friesian magazine is a quarterly publication. If you are interested in "Everything" Friesian, then you won't want to miss this opportunity to order the Friesian magazine.