Grievance Policy

  • Members wishing to submit a grievance must do so in a signed, dated, written correspondence. Grievances can be submitted to the Executive Director, a FHANA Board member, or the FHANA Member Council Chairperson.  The correspondence must clearly indicate that it is a Formal Grievance.  The recipient of the grievance must forward the grievance to the Board within three working days.
  • FHANA will not entertain grievances arising from business dealings between members, including but not limited to stud services or the buying and selling of horses or semen. Members should use contracts to protect themselves and can resort to the court system for redress when necessary.
  • Upon receipt of a proper grievance, the Board will consider whether it is within FHANA’s providence to consider the matter and whether there is good cause to investigate the matter. If so, FHANA will appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate the matter and report back to the FHANA Board as to whether any action should be taken. In that event, formal proceedings may be initiated in accordance with Section 5.6 of the Bylaws.  Once grievance has been adjudicated by the board. the board will submit its resolution of the grievance to the member in writing.
  • The FHANA Board can also investigate matters and initiate proceedings on its own without there having been a formal grievance from a member. This would include, but is not limited to, making fraudulent representations to the Board and/or filing specious grievances.
  • Under the Bylaws, FHANA’s only recourse is the suspension or termination of membership. FHANA has no authority to impose fines or other sanctions.

The FHANA Resource Book

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