FHANA Performance In-Hand Award

FHANA Performance In-Hand Award Sponsored by:

The reporting form can be found here: Performance In-Hand Application


Eligibility: Acceptance of competition results is contingent upon:

  • The handler must be a current member of FHANA at the time the scores are earned and the horse handled must be a FHANA (KFPS) registered Friesian.
  • Handlers must complete and submit the form below with all the appropriate information.  Submitted points may be randomly validated.
  • Handlers may include results for one horse from ten (10) classes only.  Results from any in hand class to include halter and showmanship classes may be used.  Show event may result in qualifying scores for more than one class.
  • Each handler/horse combination requires a separate entry.
  • Recognized competitions may be from the United States and/or Canada

If a class is judged by more than one official, the results must be averaged together for one award score.  (example: one cannot turn in three tests or 3 results from three different judges all from the same ride/drive/class when there were 3 officials judging, but the average of those scores may be used for one score).

Scoring: The score for each event that you participate is made of three parts:

  1. Points are granted for each type of show.  See the table below:
Type of Event or Show Show Points
USEF/CE National Championships 5
USEF/CE State/Provincial/Regional Championship 4
USEF/CE Recognized Show 3
Non-recognized Event or Schooling Show 2

2. Points for your placing within the event, show below:

Placing in Class Placing Points
1st 6
2nd 5
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1

3. Points for the total number of entrants in the class.  The point value is simply the number of entries in the class.

The total score for a class is determined by multiplying the Show Points times the Placing Points times the number of entries in the class.

Example: Suppose you participate in a USEF Regional Championship Even and that you placed 2nd out of 8 entries in an in-hand class.  This event would be scored as follows:

For the type of show 4pts
For the Placing 5pts
For the total number of entries in the class 8pts
The total score would be 4 times 5 times 8 or 160pts