FHANA Breeder’s Achievement Awards

The FHANA Breeder’s Achievement Award recognizes our member breeders who have accomplished significant results throughout the years with their breeding programs.

Submission Form

This award benefits FHANA members by giving an award to the qualifying breeder at their local/regional inspection, allowing local/regional promotion of their breeding program (when possible); an award to the qualifying breeder at the FHANA Annual General Meeting; and special recognition of the breeder on the FHANA website to specifically promote the success of the qualifying breeder.

There are four (4) levels of achievement in this program, and receipt of this award allows the breeder to use the following breeder designation for advertising or promotional purposes:

·         FHANA Bronze Level Breeder (15 points needed)

·         FHANA Silver Level Breeder (30 points needed)

·         FHANA Gold Level Breeder (60 points needed)

·         FHANA Platinum Level Breeder (100 points needed)

Submissions must be received by Nov. 30


The Point System is as follows:

·         Young Horses (Can be earned only once per horse any time before 3 years of age)

Predicate Earned Points
First Premium 1


·         Mature Horses

Inspection Achievements (Each horse can earn only one point amount from this category)

Predicate Earned Points
Ster Predicate 2
Crown Predicate (Mares Only) 3
Model Predicate (Mares Only) 4


Sport Achievements (Each horse can earn only one point amount from this category)

ABFP or IBOP Passing Score

Passing Score Points
Sport Predicate 3
Sport Elite Predicate 4


Breeding Achievements (Each horse earns all points they are eligible for in this category)

Predicate Earned Score
Preferent Predicate 3
Prestatie Predicate 3
Approved Stallion 10


How It Works:

  • Only the Breeder on record of a horse presented can earn points for that horse. The Breeder does not also need to be the horse’s Owner at the time the points are achieved.
  • Only Friesians born in North America are eligible to earn points towards this award. Points do not have to be earned in North America.
  • In the Young Horse category, a horse may show at a inspection as a foal, yearling, and/or two-year-old, but will earn points only one time within this category.
  • The breeder of the horse will receive points for each accomplishment that their horse has achieved. For example:
  • If a horse receives a First Premium as a young horse, the breeder will earn one (1) point.
  • As an adult, when the horse is presented at a inspection, earning the Star, Crown or Model designations will earn the horse the highest point total for their predicate. Inspection Achievement points are not cumulative. A mare who receives the Crown predicate would earn 3 points (not 2 for Star and 3 for Crown) and a mare receiving the Model predicate would earn 4 points.
  • Sport Achievement points are not cumulative. A horse will earn only the highest eligible point total for this category. For instance, a gelding that earns the Sport predicate who also has an AA score on the IBOP will earn 3 points, not 3 for Sport and 2 for the IBOP.


Keeping Track of Points:

·         Breeders must apply for award status. Once a breeder has reached the qualifying points for the first level (Bronze), the breeder must send all applicable documentation to the FHANA office for verification.

·         When the breeder has earned enough points to upgrade to a higher level (Silver, Gold or Platinum), the breeder must again send the documentation to the FHANA office. In other words, it is up to breeders to nominate themselves when they think they have earned enough points for the award or to move to a higher level of the award program.

·         Breeders will receive their awards the following year (the year after they achieve the results).