FHANA Recreational Use Program

FHANA Recreational Use Program-Sponsored by Maddi’s Friesian Ranch

Beginning in 2017, FHANA members who enjoy recreational driving and/or riding will be able to earn recognition for time spent in its pursuit with the FHANA Recreational Use Program. The program, which will operate on the honor system, requires you to write down the number of hours that you spend recreationally driving and/or riding your horse. You drive or ride your horse and record that date and the number of hours on the log sheet.

Members will earn Award Lapel Pins for the following benchmarks: 50 hours, 100 hours, 250 hours, 500 hours, 750 hours, and 1,000 hours of cumulative recreational, not yearly, recreational use. FHANA will contact recipients for a brief written summary and a photo to appear on the FHANA website, in our e-News, and in The Friesian Magazine.


  • Members need to complete and submit the Hours to Drive and/or Ride Log
  • Record the hours spent driving and/or riding your horse recreationally. When you reach a milestone, send your log forms to the FHANA Office % Sport Committee 4037 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 160, Lexington, KY 40511
  • FHANA will send you the appropriate pin and put your name on the website, in the e-News, and in The Friesian Magazine.
  • Return log sheets by to FHANA office once milestone has been reached.

Recreational Use Form