Born in the USA Friesian Affaire’s

Born in the USA Friesian Affaire’s
Breeder’s Cup, FHANA All-Breeds USDF

‘Born in the USA’ is the only awards program of its kind in the country; It was developed to recognize and reward the achievements of Friesian horse breeders through their sport performance horses in North America.  Here, we honor the pursuit of honest competition and passion for breeding remarkable horses.
‘Born in the USA’ Breeder’s Cup Award Criteria:

  • Breeder must be a member of FHANA in good standing when horse was foaled.  The award may be distributed posthumously.  If alive, the breeder must still be a member of FHANA and in good standing when award was earned.  Breeder must be a US or Canadian resident or citizen.
  • There is no FHANA membership requirement for the rider.
  • Horse owner must be member of USDF and FHANA and be in good standing when award is earned.
  • Horse must be registered with FHANA.  Horse must be registered with USDF under the current owner of record at FHANA. Horse must be shown under it’s exact KFPS/FHANA registered name.  Horse must be foaled (or born) in the USA, US territory or North America.  Horses need not be conceived in the USA to qualify.

Award Eligibility:

  • Highest scoring horse: Scores calculated from all USDF Open classes (First Level through Grand Prix) including freestyles will be counted.
  • Final results are median scores calculated by the USDF year-end final standings published on the USDF website of qualified horses only.
  • A minimum 60.00% median establishes qualification with 8 scores.
  • All eligible scores are automatically recorded by USDF, nothing needs to be sent into FHANA.
  • Eligibility determined by breeder’s address on horse’s registration papers on file with the FHANA.

FHANA, Friesian Affaire, LLC and USDF assume no liability to anyone for errors, omissions or changes.