FHANA Award Information

FHANA Award Information:


FHANA’s award program has been developed to support FHANA’s mission statement: “To promote and preserve the KFPS Friesian Horse in North America.” FHANA has a rich history of annual accolades that recognize its members’ dedication to our association and performance awards that recognize our members’ achievement with their horses. In 2018 FHANA’s Horse of the Year program, which recognizes horses of distinction in stallion and mare breeding, as well as riding, driving, and Mare Show performance was instituted. Starting in 2019, FHANA began recognizing performances at the regional level, and with the 2019 implementation of FHANA’s Young Horse Talent Cup Awards, FHANA now offers awards that recognize a horse’s accomplishments, regardless of the person showing that horse.  In 2021 with the enactment of the FHANA Lifetime Achievement Award, an award that recognizes a horse’s contributions over the whole of its career, there is now a hall of fame for our horses!

FHANA’s Performance Awards are designed to reward FHANA members who are excelling in their equestrian discipline.  There are eleven (11) FHANA Performance Awards: Ridden Dressage, Riding, Driving, Driven Dressage, Western Dressage, In-Hand, Youth Dressage, Youth Driving, Youth Riding Show Trainer, and Inspection Trainer. In 2019 FHANA implemented performance awards at the regional level, which allows for 7 different winners in those 9 different disciplines.  Each regional winner is recognized with an award during the FHANA Annual General Meeting, and the overall winner for each discipline will be the highest scoring regional winner and become a FHANA Champion for the year.  The 11 Champions will have their names placed on their discipline’s perpetual trophy that is currently displayed in the FHANA office.

March 20, 2024: of the reported scores, there is no limit on the number of scores from videoed tests scored by Spotlight Horse Shows.  Refer to http://spotlighthorseshows.com for listings of these opportunities.  


Spotlight Horse Shows is an online show management company that works with corporate clients to develop and implement programs specific to their needs.  Clients include FHANA, The American Driving Society, Interscholastic Equestrian Association, Western Dressage Association of America affiliates, and US Dressage Federation group member organizations.  The belief that education and opportunity for all riders and drivers is a core value.  Spotlight Horse Shows is a corporate sustaining partner of The Dressage Federation.

Please refer to the map to determine your respective region.  Region 1 and Region 2 are split at the Fresno County Line with Fresno County falling into Region 2.


Performance Event Record-Use this form to help tally your points for the end of the year awards.

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