FHANA Award Information

FHANA Award Information:


The FHANA Performance Awards are designed to reward FHANA members who are excelling in their discipline.  There are seven (7) FHANA performance Awards: Ridden Dressage, Riding, Driving, Driven Dressage, Western Dressage, Youth Dressage, & Youth Driving.  The highest scoring regional rider/driver will be added to the appropriate FHANA perpetual trophy which will be on display in the FHANA office located in Lexington, KY.


***Starting in 2019, FHANA will now offer regional awards for each performance award that FHANA offers.  Including: Performance Ridden Dressage, Performance Driving, Youth Performance Ridden Dressage, Youth Performance Driving, Performance Riding, Performance Driven Dressage & Western Dressage.   This will allow for 7 different winners in 6 different disciplines.  Each regional winner will be recognized with an award during the FHANA Annual General Meeting.  FHANA will then award the National winner from the highest regional winner.  The overall national winner will have their names placed on the perpetual trophies that are currently displayed in the FHANA office.  Please see the above map to determine your respective region.  Region 1 and Region 2 are split at the Fresno County Line with Fresno County falling in Region 2.

Performance Event Record-Use this form to help tally your points for the end of the year awards.

FHANA Performance Award Sponsorship Application

2018 FHANA Award winners

2019 FHANA Award winners