FHANA Performance Award Sponsorship Program

Thank you to our 2020-2024 Performance Award Sponsors

  • Performance Ridden Dressage Award: Brookside Friesians
  • Performance Riding Award: South Central Friesian Horse Association
  • Performance Driving Award: Kafka Farms
  • Driven Dressage Award: Dreams Come True Farm
  • Performance Western Dressage Award: Rebecca Eccard Dressage
  • Youth Performance Dressage Award: The Friesian Connection
  • Youth Performance Driving Award: Dan Dali-Haber
  • The Performance Award Sponsorship criteria


  • Every FHANA Performance Award will be open to sponsorship:
    • Performance Ridden Dressage Award
    • Performance Riding Award
    • Performance Driving Award
    • Performance Driven Dressage Award
    • Performance Western Dressage
    • Youth Performance Dressage Award
    • Youth Performance Driving Award
  • The FHANA Board will approve all sponsorship
  • Any chapter, any organization, any company, any farm, any person etc. may be considered to be an award sponsor
  • All Performance sponsorships will require a minimum 5-year commitment.
  • Sponsorship will be available for each o the 7 national performance awards; ridden dressage, riding, driving, driven dressage, western dressage, youth dressage, and youth driving
  • The yearly cost for a single national award sponsorship will be $100, for a 5-year total of $500
  • The yearly cost for the 7 regional sponsorships for a single award will be $50, for a 5-year total of $250
  • A 5-year sponsorship for both a national award and its 7 regional awards will be $700.
  • FHANA will determine the specific awards to be given
  • Sponsorship will include statements of recognition in printed materials such as programs and magazines that will be subject to Editorial Committee decision, website and eNews paragraphs, and the opportunity to present the award at the AGM.  Sponsors will be given a “FHANA Performance Award Sponsor” digital icon for their advertising use.
  • The award title will be preceded by the Sponsor’s name or the farm name.  ie “The Charlotte Dumford National Ridden Dressage Award” or the Charlotte Dumford Region 1 Ridden Dressage Award”; “The Dreams Come True Farm National Driven Dressage Award” or “The Dreams Come True Farm Region 1 Driven Dressage Award”

The “FHANA Performance Award Sponsor” digital icon should also incorporate the sponsorship years.


FHANA Performance Award Sponsorship Application…Click Here


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