Inspection Guide


Selections for preliminary site locations are based on the number of horses entered the previous year and the geographic location. Final site selection and confirmation will be made after the inspection deadline. Sites with inadequate entries may be dropped.

FHANA will provide
  • Coordinating with the KFPS on Judges available for Inspections with dates.
  • Scheduling dates for each Inspection Site
  •  Arranging travel itineraries for the Judges to the US and each site by circuit/area.
  • Manage the entries of registered horses for the Inspection
  • Prepare and publish the Inspection Programs
  • Provide the Inspection Ribbons and Halter Identification Numbers
  • A micro-chip reader.
  • Manage the scoring sheets upon completion of the Inspection
  • Manage the return of property belonging to FHANA from Site Hosts
Responsibilities of the Coordinator
  • Preparing the schedule for the Inspection
  • Coordinating with Inspection Entries/participants for all information pertaining to the local inspection to include schedule, location(s), required document(s), available lodging, stabling and other resources as applicable.
  • Estimated charges for expenses as applicable to the Inspection. Examples include: Security, runner fees (if applicable), facility charges (as shared by each entry).
  • Judges transportation between the airport and the Inspection Site, lodging location and any other official Inspection related activity location.  (To be reimbursed provided the expenses meet the guidelines of FHANA and acceptable receipts are received).
  • Site hosts are responsible for the cost of meals and beverages for the Inspection Team during the actual Inspection.
  • Expenses relating to lodging and meals (outside the inspection day) are reimbursable provide they meet the FHANA guidelines and an acceptable receipt is rendered to FHANA.
  • Coordinate with FHANA for any deviations in the travel schedule relating to the Inspection Team.  We recommend coordinating with the  previous and next Inspection sites to ensure that the judges’ travel arrangements are clear to everyone involved and that calls will be made to the appropriate persons if problems arise.
  • Inspection site meets the guidelines as outlined in the Site Host Manual.
  • Gate area, with adequate space for multiple horses
  • Level area for horses to be measured
  • Parking area for horse trailers
  • Observation area for spectators
  • Stabling if needed
  • Rest room facilities
  • Issuing the entry numbers to the participants, managing the required paperwork as identified in the Site Host Manual.
  • Returning the required documentation to FHANA following the inspection.
  • Maintaining the Inspection Team scores and reporting them to FHANA
  • Arrange to have a veterinarian available on site or on call nearby.
  • Identify to the FHANA office the facility that requires Insurance Coverage for liability and property damage.  FHANA will issue the applicable insurance binder to the facility.
  • Arrange other aspects of the event, which might be appropriate, for example: regional club meeting, local newspaper coverage, buffet or pot-luck, beverages and snacks, spectator entertainment, or advertising to encourage local spectators.
  • Coordinate and confirm the schedule of all events with the judges.
  • Coordinate and manage the Inspection as applicable regarding the order in which horses should be presented, and which classes, if any, will need to return for class placement. Then review the judging sequence with the gate person, who is responsible for having the next horse(s) ready at the gate. Be certain owners know if they must return for class placement following individual judging.
  • Assisting the Inspection Team as applicable with the event and documenting the required data for submission to FHANA.  (Coggins, measurements, and collection of registration papers from entries).


Responsibilities of the Horse Owner/Participants
  • Register the horse for the appropriate category
  • Responsible for fees to be paid in advance of service
  • Supply the judges with the registration papers
  • Supply site host with appropriate health documents
  • Coordinating or presenting the horse or have someone available to present the horse on their behalf
  • Responsible for their horse before, during and after presentation
  • Responsible for their guests and children
  • As applicable, general guidelines of the Inspection Handbook.

The FHANA Resource Book

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