FHANA Performance Inspection Trainer Award

FHANA Performance Inspection Trainer Award-Sponsored by:

The required reporting form can be found here:Performance Inspection Trainer

Performance Inspection Trainer Recording Form


Inspection events that the trainer, the exhibitor(s) he/she trains/coaches, as well as the horse(s) that he/she trains for our inspections, qualify for point submission.  Amateurs, who train their own horses, and professionals, who train for themselves as well as clients, qualify for this trainer award.

Eligibility: Acceptance of competition results is contingent upon:

  • The trainer, and if there is an exhibitor, as well as the horse’s owner, must be current members of FHANA at the time the scores are earned.  The horses(s) must be FHANA (KFPS) registered Friesians.
  • The horse(s) must have been in training for a minimum of 30 consecutive days during the inspection year.
  • Submitted inspection results may only include FHANA recognized events.  Recognized inspections may be from the United States and/or Canada.
  • Trainers must complete and submit the Performance Inspection Trainer reporting form and a Performance Inspection Trainer Horse form for each horse listed on the Performance Inspection Trainer form with all the appropriate information.  Submitted points may be randomly validated.
  • Trainers may include results from ten (10) classes only.  Results from any class that the trainer enters, the exhibitor(s) he/she trains, enters, as well as the classes a horse(s) that he/she trains for performance and enters may be used.  An inspection event may result in qualifying scores from more than one class.
  • A reporting form (application) must not only be submitted for the trainer, but also must be submitted for each horse that has scores reported by the trainer.

Scoring: The score for each inspection event is made of two parts:

  1. Points are granted for each type of inspection class.  See the table below:
Type of Inspection Class Class Points
IBOP Riding or Driving 5
Model/Provisional Model 4
Crown/Provisional Crown 3
Star 2
Yearling & 2 yr. olds 1

2. Points for the horse’s placing within the event.  See the table below:

Inspection Results Score Points
IBOP Score 82+/Model 5
IBOP Score 77-81.5/Crown 4
IBOP Score 73-76.5/1e/1e star 3
2e/2e star 2
3e 1

The total score for an inspection class is determined by multiplying the class type points times the score points.

Inspection Examples:

Example 1-Suppose the trainer participated in a class for Star and the horse scored a 3e in that class.  This event would be scored as follows:

For the type of inspection class: 2pts

For the score: 1pt

The total score would be 2 times 1 or 2pts

Example 2-Suppose the trainer participated in an IBOP class and the horse scored a 79 in that class.  This event would be scored as follows:

For the type of inspection class: 5pts

For the score: 4pts

The total score would be 5 times 4 or 20pts.