FHANA Performance Western Dressage Award

FHANA Performance Western Dressage Award-Sponsored by Rebecca Eccard Dressage

The Reporting form can be found here: Performance Western Dressage


Eligibility: Acceptance of competition results is contingent upon:

  • Both the owner and the rider must be current members of FHANA at the time the scores are earned, and the horse ridden must be a FHANA (KFPS) registered Friesian;
  • Any ADS, USEF, USDF, SHS, or EC dressage test scored by an ADS, USEF, USDF, SHS, or EC dressage judge may be submitted.
  • Riders must complete and submit the Performance Western Dressage form with a copy of each test reported. Results may be randomly validated;
  • Rider/horse combination may include results from a maximum of ten (10) classes only – scores may only be from Western Dressage Classes.
  • Each rider/horse combination requires a separate entry.
  • Recognized competitions may be from the United States or Canada.
  • Effective March 20, 2024: of the reported scores, there is no limit on the number of scores from videoed tests scored by Spotlight Horse Shows.

If a class is judged by more than one official, the results must be averaged together for one award score.  (example: one cannot turn in three tests or 3 results from three different judges all from the same ride/drive/class when there were 3 officials judging, but the average of those scores may be used for one score).

Scoring: The score for each event that you participate is made of three parts: show type, test level, and % score.

  1. Points are granted for each type of show.  See the table below:
Type of Event or Show Show Points
National Championship 5
State/Provincial/USEF/SHS/EC Regional Championship 4
USEF/SHS/EC Recognized Show 3
Non-Recognized or Schooling Show 2
  1. 2. Points for your level within the event, shown below:
Dressage Level Placing Points
Freestyle 7
Level 4 6
Level 3 5
Level 2 4
Level 1 3
Basic 2
Intro 1
  1. 3.

Points for your placing within the event, shown below:

Percentage Score Score Points
80.0 & above 6
70.0-79.9 5
65.0-69.9 4
60.0-64.9 3
55.0-59.9 2
50.0-54.9 1

The total score for a class is determined by multiplying the Show Points times the Level Points times the Score Points.


Suppose you participate in a local USEF recognized show in Level 2, Test 3 and earn a score  of 61%. This event would be scored as follows:
For the type of event 2pts; for the level shown 4pts; for the score 3pts. The total score would be 2 times 4 times 3 or 24 points. ( 2 x 4 x 3 = 24).

For the type of show 2pts
For the level of show 4pts
For the score 3pts

The total score would be: 2 x 4 x 3 or 24 pts