FHANA President’s Trophy

This award is for the promotion of the Friesian by an individual who may use multiple horses to achieve the highest score.  This is a person who is best demonstrating and showcasing the versatility of the Friesian horse.  The highest scoring rider/driver is added to the perpetual Presidential Trophy which remains on display at the FHANA offices in Lexington, KY.  All score sheets need to be submitted to the FHANA office by November 30 to be eligible.

The same rider/horse combination may not win two years in a row.
Eligibility:  Acceptance of competition results is contingent upon:


The rider must be a current member of FHANA at the time the scores are earned and the horse ridden must be a FHANA (KFPS) registered Friesian
Submitted show results must include at least one United States Equestrian Federation/Equestrian Canada recognized event.
Rider/Driver must complete and submit the following form with all of the appropriate information. Show results will be validated with the official show results.  Non-show events will be validated by photos &/or programs.
Rider/Driver/Horse combination may include results from ten (10) classes only. Scores may be from dressage classes, driving classes, or a combination of riding classes, driving classes, or event participation.  Please note however that the scoring is different for each type.
Recognized competitions may be American or Canadian.
To submit your results click on the division you wish to enter and use the form assigned to  that division.

Presidents Trophy

A. Scoring for each event is made of three parts.

  1. Points are granted for each type of show.  See the table below:
Type of Event or Show Show Points
National/World Championships 5
State/Provincial/Regional Championship 4
USDF/ADS/USEF/EC Recognized Show 3
Non-Recognized Show or Schooling Show 2
Fair Classes 1
  1. 2. Points for your placing within the event, shown below:
Placing in Class Placing Points
1st 6
2nd 5
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1
  1. 3. Points for the total number of entrants in the class.  The point value is simply the number of entries in the class.  The total score for a class is determined by multiplying the Show Points times the Placing Points times the number of entries in the class.


Suppose you participate in an CEF/USEF recognized event and that you placed 3rd out of 11 entries.

This would be as follows:

For the type of show 3 pts
For the placing 4 pts
For the total number of entries in the class 11 pts
The total score would be 3 x 4 x 11 =132 pts

B. Scoring for non-show events

  • Attending and participating in large-attendance (thousands) demos or performances (suca as Breyerfest, Land Rover, Equine Affaire, Mare Show-East/West, Midwest Horse Fair). Points per event =125pts
  • Attending and participating in small-attendance (hundreds) demos )such as county fairs, parades, local horse demonstrations, etc).  Points per event=75pts
  • Hosting “Open House” type events, where outside participants new to the breed are invited to meet the Friesian horse in person.  Points per event=15pts