History is being made!!!

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Please help us congratulate Janae Griffin on being the youngest Equestrian (17 years old) to win the prestigious Norm K. Dunn award for Excellence in Handling making her (one of 6) National US Equestrian of Honor.

For all who know her, she is not just a handler but an all around horse woman with exceptional talent, kindness, and good character.
Thank you to all who have helped this become a reality. Thank you to God, family, horses, owners, and friends.

We are now asking for your vote to help her become the youngest Equestrian (and only KID) EVER to be the US Equestrian of the Year!
Please vote and spread the word. We need all of the votes we can get and we only have until Dec. 29th. Let’s make History!!!!
Vote: https://usef.org/awards
Learn More: https://bit.ly/2022USEFAwards

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