Section 1



1.1.1. The FHANA Recognizes the KFPS as the sole worldwide authority and registry for the Friesian Horse.

1.1.2. The KFPS Recognizes the FHANA as its sole representative in the United States and Canada.

1.1.3. Privileges of KFPS Membership – Membership in the FHANA entitles residents of the United States and Canada to many of the privileges of KFPS membership; however United States and Canadian residents may not be direct members of the KFPS.

1.1.4. Communication with the KFPS – All registration, except B-Book II procedures and issues with the KFPS concerning North American members must be conducted through the FHANA office.


1.2.1. Categories of Membership are explained in detail in the Bylaws.

1.2.2. Applications for Membership shall be accompanied by payment in U.S. funds for the category of membership desired. Upon completion of processing by the FHANA, but not longer than 30 days from the postmark date of the payment, the member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the membership category.

1.2.3. Membership Dues (new and renewals):

Associate Membership (Non-Owner of a Friesian Horse): $60.00
Sport/Pleasure Membership: $90.00
Full Membership: $140.00
Business Membership: $180.00

Administrative Fee-New member: $20

1.2.4. Memberships Are Not Transferable

1.2.5. Membership Privileges All Categories of Membership May:

  1. attend all membership meetings;
  2. have their name and address published in the Association’s directory;
  3. receive the FHANA newsletter and subscribe to Phryso, published by the KFPS, as well as receive general correspondence from the Association. Sport/Pleasure, Full, and Business Members may have the privileges shown above in addition to privileges which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. vote in Association proceedings as outlined in the Bylaws;
  2. be eligible for election to the Board of Directors, as outlined in the Bylaws;
  3. petition the Board of Directors on matters of policy or concern;
  4. utilize certain cooperative advertising opportunities which the FHANA may promote for a fee. Full and Business Members may have the privileges shown above in addition to privileges which include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Utilize the judging and registration services provided by FHANA in conjunction with the KFPS.  These include but are not limited to: identification and registration of eligible foals; recording the purchase or sale of horses; judging horses for studbook entry, status predicates, entering horses for the IBP or ABFP, premiums and prizes; and registry maintenance.
  2. Have access to the proprietary “members only” website pages, which include the directories and FHANA tools such as Horse Research and the calculation of inbreeding coefficients.

1.2.6. Responsibilities of FHANA Members Good Standing – To maintain their membership status in good standing, members are to abide by the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations of the FHANA, to deal fairly with the Association and its members, and to fulfill all obligations including timely payment of dues and fees. Loss of good standing will result in termination of membership and its privileges. Delinquent Fees to KFPS & FHANA-

FHANA, as an affiliate of the KFPS, views any members or former members in arrears and in bad standing with the KFPS to also be in bad standing with the FHANA. The FHANA defines bad standing as a failure by a member to adhere to any or all sections of Article 9 Paragraph 2, subset “d” of AMENDMENT OF THE ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF THE ASSOCIATION UNDER DUTCH LAW KONINKLIJKE VERENIGING “HET FRIESCH PAARDEN-STAMBOEK.
1.      The individual found to be in violation of the aforementioned rule will be subject to such penalty as recommended by the FHANA Grievance Committee and approved by the FHANA Board of Directors including but not limited to the following.
a. CENSURE. A vote of Censure will be listed under the defendant’s name in the Secretary’s Record of Penalties. If found guilty of a further violation the defendant will be subject to a heavier penalty than for a first offense.
b. SUSPENSION of such person for any period from showing or having others show, exhibit or train for him or her.
         (1) A suspended person is forbidden for the time specified in the decision from the privilege of taking any part whatsoever in any Competition or event licensed, sponsored or endorsed by the KFPS or the FHANA and is excluded from all competition grounds during Competitions or events licensed, sponsored or endorsed by the KFPS or the FHANA, as an exhibitor, participant or spectator.
         (2) In addition, a suspended person is forbidden from participating in all KFPS and FHANA affairs and activities, to hold or exercise office in the Association or in any Competition or event licensed, sponsored or endorsed by the KFPS or the FHANA, to attend, observe or participate in any event, forum, meeting, program, clinic, task force, or committee of the KFPS or the FHANA, sponsored by or conducted by the KFPS or the FHANA, or held in connection with the KFPS or the FHANA and any of their activities.
         (3) SUSPENSION for any period of any volunteer or any employed person who rides or exhibits for the benefit, credit, reputation or satisfaction of another suspended person.
         (4) EXPULSION from all Competitions or events licensed, sponsored or endorsed by the KFPS or the FHANA.
         (5) EXPULSION or SUSPENSION from membership in the Association.
2.      All KFPS and FHANA Affiliated Chapters must honor all KFPS and FHANA penalties.
Regulations as to Suspended Persons.
1.      The purpose of this Rule shall be to prevent the avoidance by suspended exhibitors, trainers, coaches and other persons of the terms and conditions of their suspensions, or the penalties intended by the FHANA as appurtenant to such suspensions. This Rule shall apply to the spouse of a suspended person as well as to any other persons or entities, including, without limitation, companions, family members, employers, employees, agents, partnerships, partners, corporations or other entities, whose relationship, whether financial or otherwise, with a suspended person would give the appearance that such other persons are riding, exhibiting, coaching or training for the benefit, credit, reputation or satisfaction of the suspended person.
2.      No suspended person’s spouse or companion shall assume any of the suspended person’s responsibilities whatsoever at Competitions or events licensed, sponsored or endorsed by the KFPS or the FHANA during the term of said suspension. Companion shall be defined as any person who cohabits with, or otherwise shares living accommodations with, a suspended person.
3.      No suspended person’s spouse or companion may fill out any entry blanks for any of the suspended person’s customers for Competitions or events licensed, sponsored or endorsed by the KFPS or the FHANA during the term of the suspended person’s suspension, or pay or advance entry fees on behalf of customers for Competitions or events licensed, sponsored or endorsed by the KFPS or the FHANA during said period.
4.      This Rule is intended to provide guidance for suspended persons and anyone contemplating taking over the responsibility for the riding, exhibiting, coaching, or training, of an unsuspended horse from a suspended person. It is not intended to anticipate every potential circumstance in which the intent of a suspension may be frustrated, and the Ethics Committee shall have the power to determine whether the facts and circumstances peculiar to any particular case compel a finding that there was or is a violation of the rules prohibiting exhibiting any horse while in the care, training or custody of a suspended trainer, or riding, exhibiting, coaching or training for the benefit, credit, reputation or satisfaction of a suspended person
Article 9. Members. Rights and Obligations
2.      Members shall be held:
a.      to comply with the Articles of Association, Rules and Regulations of the KFPS and the other resolutions of the Council of Members and the Executive Committee;
b.      to refrain from prejudicing the interests of the KFPS and/or the horse breeding industry in general;
c.      to submit to the Administration of Justice as referred to in Article 28;
d.      to accept and comply with the financial obligations arising from Article 25;
e.      to comply with all other obligations entered into by the KFPS on behalf of its
Members, or that arise from the membership of the KFPS;
f.       all Dutch members of the KFPS are obligated to subscribe to the KFPS magazine Phryso. FHANA Breeding Policy – FHANA Breeding Policy is as follows:

Mares: Friesian mares registered in the KFPS Studbook, Foal Book, Auxiliary Book (Hulpstamboek), B-Book I (Bijboek I) or B-Book II (Bijboek II) should be bred ideally to KFPS Studbook Stallions with Approved Breeding Privileges. Breeding to foalbook stallions, Friesian stallions registered by organizations other than the KFPS or FHANA, and cross breeding to stallions of other breeds is strongly discouraged.  Only offspring resulting from the use of KFPS Studbook Stallions with Approved Breeding Privileges will be eligible to participate in FHANA’s inspections in North America.

Stallions: KFPS Studbook Stallions with Approved Breeding Privileges should only be bred to Friesian mares registered with the KFPS. Cross breeding of Studbook Stallions with Approved Breeding Privileges to mares of other breeds is strongly discouraged. Foal book stallions in North America will not be granted approved breeding privileges as Foal Book stallions (see Section Foal Book stallion breeding is strongly discouraged. Approved Breeding Privileges for Foal Book Stallions will only be granted to those who pass a Central Stallion Proving and are accepted into the KFPS Studbook for Stallions in accordance with the standards set by the KFPS (see Section 3.5.). Although the KFPS has a policy which under exceptional circumstances allows certain Foal Book stallions in KFPS foreign affiliates to be granted limited approved breeding privileges, no such approved breeding privileges will be granted in North America. Notification of Status Change – Members are to notify promptly the FHANA office of any change in address, telephone number or personal status as well as the change in status of any of their horses (e.g. birth, death, castration, importation or ownership transfer).

1.2.7. Spurious Organizations – Members should be wary of and should not be misled by any other organization which purports to provide registration services for Friesian horses. Such organizations may solicit the FHANA members and may imply that they represent or replace the FHANA. Members must realize that any legitimate correspondence concerning the FHANA or the KFPS will clearly indicate that it originated from the FHANA. Members should be careful with any dealings with such groups in order not to jeopardize their or their horse’s standings with the FHANA or the KFPS.  FHANA members are prohibited from utilizing the proprietary database maintained by FHANA and the KFPS for unauthorized use in conducting the business of another purported registry or organization.  FHANA members found to have engaged in the unauthorized use of the database for such purposes will have their access to the member’s only portion of the website disabled.

1.2.8. Termination of Membership Resignation – Any member wishing to resign from the FHANA may do so as specified in the Bylaws. If a membership terminates during the calendar year, no portion of the membership fee will be refunded. Suspension or Termination – Membership may be suspended or terminated at the request of the Board of Directors or by request and vote of the membership as specified in the Bylaws. Payment of Dues – Membership will be terminated if annual Membership Dues are not paid by March 31st. However until members have paid the current year dues, they are not considered to be in good standing and therefore are not entitled to vote in Association proceedings, have registrations processed, or receive other services of the Association.

1.2.9. Reinstatement of Membership – If membership is terminated because membership dues were not paid by March 31st, reinstatement of membership will require payment of the full annual Membership Dues, without proration.

1.3. FEES

1.3.1. Amounts – Establishment of and changes to service fees, deposits, penalties and membership dues are approved by the Board of Directors. A schedule of membership dues and list of fees is provided regularly to the FHANA membership.

1.3.2. Fees Are Due In Advance of Service – Where possible, all fees are payable in advance of services. No registration documents will be processed, horses judged or any other services rendered by the FHANA or the KFPS until the appropriate fees have been received and processed by the FHANA. In addition, to receive the services of the FHANA, members must be in good standing (see Section Returned Checks – Payments made to the FHANA with checks which are returned by the bank on which they are drawn are subject to the charges shown in the list of fees.

1.3.3. Delinquent Accounts – In the event that members have an account owing to the FHANA, any amounts received will be first applied to the oldest balance owing. Interest at 1% per month (12.68 per annum) will be charged on balances owing for more than three months starting at the end of the third month. The account must be brought current before any further FHANA services will be performed.  Members with delinquent accounts will be listed in the Friesian magazine on a quarterly basis until the account is brought current.

1.3.4. Penalties – The Board of Directors reserves the right to recommend penalties in conjunction with or in addition to other fees. Such penalties will be assessed on a situation by situation basis and must be approved by the membership. An example of a cause for such penalty is a violation of the responsibilities of FHANA members as specified in Section 1.2.6. of these Rules & Regulations.


1.4.1. New Chapter Designation – Members applying for a new chapter in their geographic area must fill out and submit to the FHANA office the FHANA Chapter Application. A copy of the Chapter’s bylaws and a list of members and the activities the chapter intends to participate in representing the FHANA will be included with the Application upon submission. A chapter may be formed by any group or concentration of people. A chapter should include at least five people with separate FHANA memberships who are eligible to vote in Association proceedings and who are full, voting members of the chapter. The chapter will include in their paperwork their designated contact person. The new chapter application will be presented to the FHANA Member Council for recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval/denial of the application. The Boards’ decision of granting or declining the application will be communicated to the chairman of the FHANA Member Council to notify the applicants. Once the new chapter has been notified the FHANA office will include the Chapter on the FHANA website listing of FHANA Chapters

1.4.2. Renewing Chapter Designation – Chapters affiliated with the FHANA may be of any Chapter affiliated with the FHANA may be Each renewing chapter must submit the Chapter application renewal form by March 31 of each calendar year. The renewal form should list a designated contact person and include a roster of current members. Each chapter must provide notice to FHANA of chapter activities and must renew its chapter status with FHANA by March 31 of each year.

1.4.3. Chapter Members – Only FHANA members in good standing who are entitled to vote in Association proceedings are eligible to be full, voting members of the chapter. FHANA members may join more than one chapter. FHANA members who join more than one chapter can be a full, voting member in only one chapter and can be an associate, non-voting member in additional chapters. FHANA members are not required to be a member of any chapter. If its members agree a chapter may include as associate, non-voting chapter members, people who are not Friesian horse owners and/or who are not members of the FHANA.

1.4.4. Chapter Rules and Finances – Each chapter will determine its own administration and activities which shall not be contrary to the FHANA’s goals and policies. Each chapter must recognize and abide by all rules, regulations and statutes of the FHANA. Each chapter will be self-supporting and its operating costs will not be underwritten by the FHANA.  Effective March 1, 2012, all FHANA Chapters must present chapter bylaws to FHANA in order to continue their charter.

1.4.5. Chapter Representative – A representative designated by a chapter on record with the FHANA may request to attend the meetings of the FHANA Board of Directors as a non-voting observer. The representative may petition the Board on specific matters of concern to the chapter


1.5.1. This design or insignia, the association name and FHANA are the exclusive property of the Association.  The logo and name are the trademark property of FHANA and any unauthorized use or reproduction or use of FHANA materials without prior written authorization is strictly prohibited:

1.5.11 Only the FHANA or its agents are entitled to sell items containing the FHANA emblem or name. Requests for a franchise to sell such items may be submitted to the Association office.

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