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Great News!
FHANA Board President, Dr. Rosanne Palermo

Great News!
The KFPS has contacted me to tell us that KFPS Judges have been identified who are willing to come to North America to judge at our Inspections.
It has been far to long since our foals, geldings, mares and stallions have been looked at and without the judge’s inspection, it puts our North American breeding plans in limbo.
We need to not only get our young mares out of the foal book and into the stud book, they need to do so with their proper premiums.
We need to have the opportunity for our foals and stallions to be inspected. With judging completed we can focus on our breeding goals more precisely.
I have been in contact weekly with the KFPS about the requirements we have for them to inspect our horses. A two-year absence of their inspections is unacceptable. Our payment to the KFPS is based very much on this service they are to provide for our horses. Both Jason and I have made this clear to them.

I am also working with the KFPS in regard to our proper compliance in the KFPS Member Council.  I have pointed out that FHANA has membership quantity enough to qualify to have 4 member representatives. We currently have three.
I am hoping we will get this request granted since we meet the criteria.
Next year we will have an election for a seat on the KFPS Member Council.  The ultimate goal is to have one FHANA Board member fill a position and the other 3 positions can be open to all FHANA members in good standing. The positions can return a veteran member as well as complete novice member, board members or general members. It will be up to the membership to choose their representatives.

With FHANA being considered a region of the KFPS.  We will be conducting Regional Meetings with a KFPS board member. These meetings will happen twice a year through a vehicle like “Zoom” which will be open to all FHANA members.
At that meeting we will have direct input and information from the KFPS Board of Directors. Our members are able to ask questions and voice concerns to the KFPS Board member attending the meeting. I feel this is a huge change and improvement.

Another development and march towards transparency of the FHANA Board is that I made the motion and it was seconded and approved, to release the past, present and future recordings of the FHANA Board Meetings.
Any Full or Business FHANA member will be able to view these recordings if they wish to do so.
I am repeating myself when I say this but there is no better way for our FHANA members to understand the workings of their Board of Directors than to release these past, present and future recordings.
Full transparency, you deserve it.
Jason is presently working on the logistics of providing this service to you through our member portal.

My last report to the members is as exciting as all the other items here, a North American Stallion Owners Coalition. I have asked Erin Miley to be the liaison to the board and Tiffany Van der Kooi has agreed to chair it. FHANA Stallion owners will be contacted to join. Once organized, we will ask to be represented at the meeting of Stallion Owners of the KFPS.
This will be great source of information as well as connection of our Stallion owners to stallion owners across the world. This can only be a wonderful thing for our FHANA members and not just stallion owners. It is being created to give them a unified voice for their needs and concerns.

Currently, all of our committees are being chaired by FHANA Members. The Board member on those committees are a liaison to bring information back and forth to the FHANA Board. These liaison positions are not voting positions nor do they run the committee. The committee chairs run their meetings and agenda.
This was one of my goals as your President and another is Board transparency.

As FHANA Board President I wish only harmony and excellence for the organization and our members.
That said, I remain available to your concerns. If you as a member do not feel you are being heard, I would like to hear from each and every one of you.
Jason and Lauren in The FHANA office are always available during business hours to help you. Please feel free to contact them, they are always willing to help or even to just check in. We are blessed to have them and their expertise.

In closing, here is a statistic that I would like to share with you.  Currently, our membership is up 20% from 2020.  To put this in a different perspective, we haven’t seen these kinds of numbers since 2012.

I want the FHANA Membership to know that we as an organization are financially sound, growing in membership and we are enjoying this partnership of our members and the Board of Directors together expanding and growing our organization.

Warm Regards,

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