The KFPS Stallion Inspection continues, with everyone in front of the tube

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The Stallion Inspection will take place on 14, 15 and 16 January 2021, but this time no full stands can be followed in front of the TV at home. Unfortunately, the public is not allowed, but via the Omrop Fryslân livestream the Stallion Inspection can be viewed by everyone, anywhere in the world. This always sold out Frisian horse event normally attracts visitors from all over the world, but they too can follow the event in Frisian, Dutch, English or German.

Program just like usual
The question: ‘what about the Stallion Inspection?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions at the KFPS in recent months. Earlier it was announced that there is no FRIESIAN PROMS. The long preparation time made it necessary to make a decision about this earlier.
And the Stallion Inspection? The many fans of Friesian horses are looking forward to the event that – like many other events – threatened to be canceled due to the corona measures. But there is good news regarding the Stallion Inspection.
The KFPS and the many participants around the Stallion Inspection have – with respect for the national measures and advice – decided to continue the Stallion Inspection. The program will not differ much from what everyone is used to. In addition to the selection of the stallions, the final of the Friesian Talent Cup will also be held, the dressage competition for young Friesian horses. The Horses2fly KFPS Sport Competition harnesses are also on the program.

No distinction between members
The Stallion Inspection will take place at the FCD in Drachten, a week later than previously planned. However, no public can be present at the Stallion Inspection on 14, 15 and 16 January. The KFPS does not want to distinguish between its members, which is why it has been decided that the event will take place without an audience. If the permit allows it, an exception can be made for the breeders / owners of the horses that present themselves.

Enjoy it anyway, but from behind the screen
Despite the fact that this alternative program cannot replace the ultimate atmosphere of the Stallion Inspection, there is every confidence that everyone will be able to enjoy the Friesian horses from the screen or television. The KFPS and all co-organizing parties are doing their utmost to make it a wonderful three-day event for everyone.

As posted on the site.  Picture courtesy of Digishots and is of Jehannes 484 during the 2020 Stallion show

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