Performance awards and Sport Predicate titles to now include online show performances.

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The Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA) expands its Performance awards and Sport Predicate titles to now include online show performances.  This change is effective January 1, 2022.

Gail Aumiller, FHANA Sports Committee Chair, spearheaded development of the program which now allows Friesian owners across North America to utilize up to 2 scores to earn their Performance awards and Sport Predicate titles.  “FHANA worked with the Royal Friesian Studbook (KFPS) for approval of this change.  And then we partnered with Spotlight Horse Shows to develop and implement the program.  We now have a good balance between allowing videos, but still requiring in person tests as well.”

Performance Award Points can be earned in the following sports divisions.

Dressage, Western Dressage, and Driven Dressage.

Sport Predicates can be earned in both Dressage and Driven Dressage.

Learn more about FHANA Awards Program at: and online show options at



Mission Statement:

“To Protect and Promote the KFPS Friesian Horse in North America”

FHANA is the “go-to” organization for those wanting to know more about the versatile and athletic Friesian Horse. We promote public awareness of the diverse use of the Friesian breed.  As a leader in genetic research and equine wellness, FHANA is also a valued association and respected by the main studbook, KFPS, in the Netherlands.



Spotlight Horse Shows is an online show management company who works with corporate clients to develop and implement programs specific to their needs.  Clients include FHANA, The American Driving Society, Interscholastic Equestrian Association, Western Dressage Association of America affiliates, and US Dressage Federation group member organizations.  The belief that education and opportunity for all riders and drivers is a core value.  Spotlight Horse Shows is a corporate sustaining partner of The Dressage Federation.


The Koninklijke Vereniging “Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek” is the oldest studbook in the Netherlands.  Interest in the Friesian horse has exploded in recent decades. More and more horse lovers are impressed by their regal bearing, their suitability for both recreational and professional equestrian sports, and their friendly character.

The FHANA Resource Book

THE FHANA Resource Book is now available for order. This publication is good for all NEW and SEASONED members alike. Contact FHANA to obtain your copy today.