FHANA Implements a “Special” 2020 Recreational Use Award

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In response to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic that has negatively impacted our performance members’ opportunities to ride and drive competitively this year, Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, supporting both riding and driving, will sponsor a special 2020 recreational use program for all FHANA members! Recreational use is unique and important to promoting our breed, because it affords Friesian owners the joy and opportunity to share their horses with so many others.

Currently FHANA offers a Recreational Use program where over any period of time 250, 500, 750, and 1,000 hours of recreational use earns recognition. Because the 2020 show year has been drastically shortened due to the world pandemic preventing many of our members from attending even one performance event, these members will not be able to apply for any FHANA performance awards this year. So to fill that void created by the lack of events for our performance riders and drivers, your Board has approved the Sport Committee’s request to modify the recreational use program for 2020 by creating a special award that recognizes more than 75 hours of training, conditioning, and recreational use during 2020. Without Maddi’s Friesian Ranch owner, Ruth Page, and her timely sponsorship this special program would not have materialized, so we truly appreciate Ruth’s generosity and commitment to the promotion of our horses and our FHANA membership.

Even if you have not recorded your earlier 2020 riding/driving sessions, if you begin doing so by July 1, you have 5 months to accumulate the required 75 hours. So be inspired: get off the couch, get rid of the dust on your tack, get aboard your horse or carriage, and document your time! Happy trails.

Special 2020 Recreational Use Form

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