FHANA has one Stallion Selected

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Congratulations to Pier & Darlene Vanderhoek and their stallion Atze (Julius 486 x Tsjalle 454) for being selected to move onto the 70 day Central Proving at DG Bar Ranch.  While dates for the testing haven’t been determined, Atze will remain in training with Alex Gibson until he transitions to DG Bar.

It should also be noted that Floris of Majestic Friesians (Julius 486 x Goffert 369) and owned by Chris Piovarchy is being considered as well.  More information regarding Floris of Majestic Friesians will be available soon.


Atze features a willingness to work under the saddle. He shows a lot of suppleness in his movements. The hind leg has sufficient bending in the hock.  The connection needs to be more confirmed.  In the walk the horse postures a nice use of the body and has enough length. In the walk Atze could demonstrate more bending in the hock and could show more power.  The trot should be more uphill with more self-carriage, he needs to develop more shoulder freedom and should be stepping further with his hind leg underneath the body.  The canter has length and sufficient use of the body, but the canter should be more uphill.


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