FHANA Awards Require Application Completion to Win!

Will you be a 2019 FHANA Award Winner? One of the first  FHANA Regional Award winners? If so, you may also become a National Award Winner! However, this will only happen if you complete and submit one of FHANA’s award applications that are due by November 30.  The various annual membership awards, their applications, and directions on how to complete them can be found on the FHANA website, by choosing the Sport menu’s Awards link. Hopefully during the show year you have been recording your show results, so filling out the application will not take too much time. In any case, don’t let this task go until the last minute, get on it right away! Do it for yourself. Do it for your horse. Do it for FHANA.

               With the new Talent Cup Program, our young horses, aged 4, 5, & 6 now have the opportunity to win national accolades in ridden and driven dressage. If applications are sent it, there will be a 4 YO ridden dressage national champion and a 4 YO driven dressage national champion, a 5 YO ridden dressage national champion and a 5 YO driven dressage national champion, as well as a 6 YO ridden dressage national champion and a 6 YO driven dressage national champion. New trophies designed for the FHANA Talent Cup winners will be awarded and revealed at our February 27-29, 2020 AGM in Lexington, KY.

               Also new for 2019 are high point Regional performance awards being offered for ridden dressage, driven dressage, western dressage, performance riding, performance driving, youth dressage, and youth driving, but once again only if we receive your applications. Your Sport Committee has chosen a unique horseshoe nail award created by The Bent Nail just for us, and we are excited to present them to our Regional Champions at our 2020 Annual General Meeting in Lexington, KY, February 27-29.

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