Leffert 306

As translated from KFPS website:

Leffert 306 was his life at the stallion station Obbe and Margriet van der Weide and made last year with the relocation of Nijega to Ansen. He was always owned by his breeder Marcus Doller from Haulerwijk. Doller bred these Tame 276-son from his famous star preference Oepke 266-Bontsje daughter. Also Lefferts grandmother Enka Star Pref. (Ritske 202) by Doller bred, who later also the grandmother was the stallion Feike 395, and Enka’s full sister Lady Spray Star Pref., Through its Leffert 306-daughter (and thus line grown) Famke D., the grandmother was the studbook stallion bred by Doller Ulbert 390.

Leffert 306, which also sports predicate passed through his results in dressage, is an invaluable for breeding. Firstly through his sons Heinse 354 Onne 376, Mintse 384, 397 and Jesse Tsjalke 435. There are now 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandsons approved. As many as 373 offspring were star, 11 daughters were ester and 30 daughters were now preferred. Leffert 306 will be particularly remembered by the omission of very typical of the breed horses with a nice front. In sport he delivered particularly good DHH. His sons Heinse 354 Harmen and Onne 376 gained the national title in the Class of Honour vehicles. Based on its significance for breeding was Leffert 306 in 2005 declared preference.
His preference statement was one of the four tributes, which Leffert 306 could experience during the Stallion. Twice he was crowned champion of the Stallion. During his last appearance at the stallion show, last year, he was honored for his 25th birthday.

With Leffert 306 is one of the most influential stallions passed away, one of the designers of the current Friesian horse.

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