Chapter of the Year

With anything new changes are certainly going to come.  This is true for the FHANA Chapter of the Year Award.  2010 was the inagural year for this award and FHANA realized while trying to determine the end results that some minor tweaking of the award was needed.  The award will now be much clearer for all chapters to follow.

The award will be awarded on the following criteria:

  • Largest Membership Growth-This would be on a percentage basis of how many members the chapter increased from the previous year.
  • Membership Retainment-Percentage of members who stay on with the chapter from year to year.
  • Competitions/Show-For each horse that participates in various competitions/shows the chapter will receive 1 point.  If a person attends an Equine Affaire (4 days) or a one day dressage show they would only receive 1 point.  The points do not increase just because the event was 1 day or 4 days.  The points are being awarded for getting your horses out to events.  Chapters do not receive points for the horses that attend a Keuring.  Example:  Feathered Horse Spring Classic, FHASE has 5 horses participating and the show is 3 days.  FHASE would receive 5 points.
  • Technology-Chapters will receive points for how they use technology to their advantage ie. Website, newsletter, etc…Points are as follows
  1. Website-5 points
  2. Newsletter- 5 points
  3. Paper Newsletter-5 points
  4. Facebook Page-3 points
  5. Twitter-3 points

Newsletter & Paper Newsletter-you only receive 5 points if you utilized this medium throughout the year.

  • Educational Clinics-Chapters would receive points for each of the FHANA educational clinics that they sponsor.  All clinics are weighed the same and will receive the same 5 points.  If you scheduled a clinic but it was cancelled due to low participation or other reason (horse virus, clinician etc…) you will be awarded 2 points.  Example:  Bill Long driving clinic 5 points.

The Chapter of the Year will receive a plaque from FHANA and will also be listed on a perpetual plaque that stays in the office in Lexington.  FHANA will also donate up to $500 additionally to be used by the chapter for various clinics or other chapter business such as a show.  This money will need to be applied for to verify it is being allocated properly and must have FHANA Board of Directors approval.

What has changed?  Chapters no longer have to track volunteer hours.  FHANA felt that this was to difficult to do and the award was much easier to award once this was taken out of the equation. 

If you have specific questions regarding the Chapter of the Year and the changes, please contact the FHANA office 859-455-7430. 

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