Nominations now open for KFPS Member Council

FHANA Is now accepting nominations for the the position of KFPS Member Council.  Any two (2) members can nominate a Sport/Recreation, Full, or Business Member for this position.  There are currently 2 positions open with the newly elected member taking their seat at the May 2022 KFPS Member Council Meeting.

Nominations will close Jan. 31, 2022

Biographies due Feb. 10

Election to take place March 15-30

WHAT is the KFPS Member Council

The KFPS Member Council is a direct link between FHANA and the KFPS.

The KFPS Member Council (KMC) is comprised of elected members of The FHANA Region of FHANA in accordance with the KFPS statutes and By-Laws of the KFPS as it relates to FHANA being an “Other Regional Area”.  FHANA’s representation to the KFPS Member Council includes the per capita representatives by FHANA Members.  These members attend the KFPS Member Council meetings as directed by the KFPS Member Council leadership and rules.  Specific Reference is located in the “Articles of Association of the KFPS, Chapter 14-19 as it applies to FHANA as an “Other Region”.

Regional Meeting:  As required by the KFPS Member Council statute, FHANA will conduct at least one Regional Meeting annually.  This meeting will include an invitation to the entire membership via notice to the membership with at least thirty days notice.  The meeting may be held virtually as announced by the FHANA Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors.  This Regional Meetings shall be held to give the FHANA Members, Members of the Council of Member Council Representatives, FHANA Board of Directors ,, and Administration the opportunity to ask questions, to express opinions and give explanations regarding the policy that is (to be) pursued in the broadest sense of the words used.

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