Stallion Information with Bauke DeBoer and IBOPS with Herman Smit

Stallion Information with Bauke DeBoer and IBOP clinic with Herman Smit

KFPS Inspector Herman Smit will presents what the KFPS is looking for when it comes to an IBOP test. The purpose of the IBOP test is to establish a horse’s suitability for various uses and to do so with the greatest degree of objectivity. Every horse aged four or older can be presented for this examination (riding test, driving test or show driving test). Participation in more than one test on the same day is possible. Horses can be entered for the examination via the FHANA. An IBOP Score of 77 or better is required for the Crown and Model predicates and can/will help in obtaining the Ster Predicate.

Additionally, KFPS Inspector Bauke DeBoer will present what the KFPS is looking for when it comes to Approving a stallion for breeding purposes. It is a known fact that 1 out of 100 stallions can obtain the coveted stallion approval. However, have you ever wondered what exactly the judges are looking for when it comes to approving a stallion for breeding purposes? Now you can hear from the source.

This webinar will last approximately 2 hours and will be conducted in 2 parts. Part 1-Stallion Information which lasts approximately 45 minutes and Part 2-IBOPS which last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

About the Speakers:

Herman Smit

Herman Smit has been a performance/suitability judge since 1984. Herman has a specialty in dressage (Grand Prix Level) and judging the the quality of the gaits and judging the basic athletic qualities of the horse.

Bauke DeBoer

Bauke DeBoer has been a KFPS judge for 30 years and a KFPS Inspector for the past 8 years. Bauke has been in charge of the stallion inspection team for the past 2 years and is actively involved in the Central Proving in North America. Bauke has been involved with the Friesian horse his entire life.

Download: [ IBOP Explanation and Evaluation Criteria ]

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