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Danielle and Justin Piascik of Brookside Friesians LLC are honored to share with the friesian community the release of Sjouke 453 and Wolfert 467 Sport from quarantine after being imported from the Netherlands in April. Sjouke 453 and Wolfert 467 Sport have never before been offered to North American breeders. Both stallions will stand at Brookside Friesians LLC, collected by New England Breeders Service and be available for the 2020 breeding season. They will join Djoerd 473 Sport in training with Rebecca Eccard, Elite Equine Enterprises.

Sjouke 453 is a Doaitsen 420 Sport x Jelte 365 stallion and is permanently approved on progeny. His kinship is 16.8%. He is a classic style stallion, who will offer breeders exceptional racial type, exceptional conformation, good elasticity paired with powerful movements, fantastic work ethic as well as dressage and driving ability. Sjouke completed his stallion testing with scores all above 80.0 in all three disciplines, earning his AAA rating. Sjouke is negative for EVA, dwarfism and hydrocephalus. He also has a 0.3% allowable and 0% non-allowable white coefficient. Sjouke’s dam comes from the older line of Jelte 365.

Wolfert 467 Sport is a Felle 422 Sport x Jacob 302 Sport stallion and is permanently approved on progeny. His kinship is 17.3%. Wolfert 467 Sport comes from a distinguished genetic heritage. He is from the Felle 422 Sport line and is free of Tsjerk blood. His motherline is from an older rare sport line. From Wolfert’s stam line came 13 approved stallions. He is known for his expressive gaits, racial type and rectangular frame. Wolfert has a beautiful racial type, with long hair, long elegant neck and long dry legs. He shows alot of scope, rhythm and suppleness in all three gaits. In all of his offspring, you can find his charming character and willingness to work as well as his physical characteristics. Wolfert is negative for EVA, dwarfism and hydrocephalus. He also has a 0.5% allowable and 0.5% non-allowable white coefficient.

Both stallions make an excellent choice for those looking to breed for driving or dressage prospects. Their charismatic personalities and strong work ethics are desirable traits found in their offspring.

Sjouke 453 and Wolfert 467 Sport are available to all North American Breeders. New England Breeders Service collects 7 days a week, including holidays. NEBS is exceptionally experienced shipping both fresh cooled and frozen semen to Canada, while also maintaining the quality of the semen.

More information about Sjouke 453 and Wolfert 467 Sport can be found on our website www.brooksidefriesians.com/stallion-station.htmlW

About Brookside Friesians LLC

Brookside Friesians LLC is a private facility located in Western Massachusetts. It is owned and operated by Danielle and Justin Piascik and their family, who are wholeheartedly passionate and devoted to the Friesian breed. We specialize in the breeding, sales, and showing of Friesians and the sport of dressage and driving while keeping with the integrity of the KFPS.

Throughout the years, we found having a team was more effective, and let’s face it, more fun! We have some of the greatest trainers in North America and Europe who have joined our team. As a team, we work together, play together, and cry together. As the Brookside Family, our mentality is everything is better when it is done with family.

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