Sape 381 Sport

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Our hearts are with Sape 381 Sport and his devoted owners, the Gish family. Sape 381 leaves behind an incredible legacy and certainly left his mark on the KFPS Friesian horse.

As posted from Signature Friesians:

Sadly today, January 27th, 2020, we had to say goodbye to Sape 381 Sport. When we purchased Sape we had no idea what his personality was as we had never met him in person. We saw him many times show his stuff at the stallion show always placing high but when I flew there to bring him home was the first time to actually meet him. We knew he was a showman, had great bloodlines and his offspring was doing extremely well. But what we found out is how none of those things could top the personality and charisma he had. He was truly the sweetest horse you could ever hope for. Many people that meet him just for a moment I believe would same the same. Sape gave so much to the future of the Friesian breed. We hosted several keurings at our place, while picking up the Judges I always asked if they also had Friesians horses themselves. Many of them had a few in the barn and almost all said they had a Sape mare. Sape, sadly never had an approved son but with that being said it’s all the more remarkable that he has earned 855 preferent points just mainly off of the mares he has sired. And if you look at the actual number of offspring compared to other stallions it truly a testament to how good of a breeding stallion he really was. With still a 50% Ster percentage. The KFPS may never make Sape preferent but he will always be a preferent stallion in our eyes. We again are so fortunate to have the chance to call Sape a part of our family. WE WOULD LIKE TO CELEBRATE HIS LIFE, so please no “I’m sorry” but instead share your experience that maybe you had with Sape or a picture of your Sape offspring and tell us about them. Let’s celebrate what he gave us all! -Matt Gish

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