Jeppe 537 came, trotted and became General Champion 2024

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Jeppe 537 was crowned the new General Champion 2024 on Saturday, January 13, making his debut at the stallion inspection a home run. The five-year-old stallion, bred by J. Loopers and owned by Stoeterij Bommelsteyn, gave the jury and public goosebumps with his spectacular trot and impressive appearance. The general reserve championship went to the complete Martinus 539, which also experienced a very successful first edition in the WTC.

Remarkably good step
With this result, the general championship is a copy of the young stallion championship. The tension was intense during the championship inspection where, in addition to Jeppe 537 and Martinus 539, Jehannes 484 and Tymen 503 were also allowed to appear on the track again. The jury consisting of Sabien Zwaga, Jan Hellinx and Manuel Gasseling was very pleased with the stallions, but also emphasized that it was a tough task to choose the champion. “We are dealing with stallions who are making their debut here, and what a debut,” Sabien began her explanation. ‘In addition, the stallions can all walk remarkably well.’

‘We have four cannons of horses, so we had to look at details. We chose the horse that gave us the most goosebumps. So much flexibility, such a good hind leg and such a modern appearance… that is Jeppe 537!’ The audience unanimously agreed and amid deafening cheers, Jeppe 537 was crowned overall champion.


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