Hilbrân (Wybren 464) and Sepke (Tiede 501) in the running for CO USA

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Exciting times are coming for two young Frisian stallions in North America. Hilbrân fan North Ster Ster (Wybren 464 x Sipke 450) and Sepke van de Meerbos Ster (Tiede 501 x Bikkel 470) have been appointed for the preliminary riding days of the stallion selection process in the United States.

Drive-out days via livestream
Six-year-old Hilbrân, bred by Lana & Megan Markey and owned by Roger and Dana Hartle of Crossville, Tennessee, will compete with three-year-old Sepke, bred by M. Driessen of Erp and owned by Lisa and Kai Zijlstra of Cooksville, Michigan. will show its development via livestream in the coming months. The stallion inspection committee, consisting of Piet Bergsma, Corrie Terpstra and Ellen van Gastel, will jointly watch the livestream and judge the stallions.

Close cooperation
It has been nine years since a Central Investigation took place on American soil. In 2015, Julius 486 Sport Elite was approved as a studbook stallion, so expectations are high among FHANA and its members. Together with the KFPS, we are working hard to organize the most uniform stallion selection process possible, with the training and development of the stallions being paramount. The two stallions have met all requirements for participation in the preliminary riding days.

Summer CO
If everything goes well for Hilbrân and Sepke, there is a chance that another Central Examination will be held in the United States from June. This would mean that the HKC will have a busy summer with several trips to the east coast of the United States, as well as several Dutch trainers who will take care of the stallions. Before that happens, the stallions will have to present themselves at their best a few more times. Phryso will of course report on the rest of the stallion selection process in the United States.

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