Elegante Wende controls the stallions

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Grow in the competition
The champions in the different sections of the sports competition entered the ring simultaneously for this. The junior champions Rinse PJ (Thorben 466) and Berber van der Veer, who grew more and more in the match, Ulbe 506 (Anders 451), with the enthusiasm of Sybren Minkema, have been following a sharp rise in recent months, the elegant Wende van de Zunne (Alwin 469) who showed more and more balance for the car during the course of the day, or would the jury choose the powerful appearance of Ysbrand PJ (Gerben 479) who, with Udo de Haan in the most talented young stallion / gelding in rig appeared during this sports competition?


Wende with enthusiasm
The elegance and extreme use of the hindleg made the jury decide to make Wende van de Zunne overall champion. “She has an enormous desire to walk,” Henk Hammers proudly told about the mare. “The fact that she remains in control of four stallions is very special.” Wende is owned by the American Rosanne Palermo who came to Leeuwarden on the occasion of the Stallion Inspection and was allowed to receive the first prize.

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