Alwin 469 and Omer 493 half-sisters top the list of breeding values ​​for mares

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The top list of breeding values ​​for mares of 2023 includes 2823 mares. Last year there were 2293 mares that met the conditions for inclusion in the list, the year before there were 1852.

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Number one and two: daughters of Alwin 469
Sanne TT Model Sport AA and Byp van ‘t Lansink Kroon AAA are numbers one and two on the top list of breeding values ​​for mares with a total index of 116. Both are descendants of Alwin 469. Last year Byp was in the lead, this year Sanne climbed from third place to the leading position.

The stallion who moved to America has the largest share in the top list, followed by Beart 411 who, as dam’s sire, takes the lead again. The runner-ups are Tiede 501 and especially Omer 493, which is well represented at the top.
For exercise, Miranda vd Olde Mette Moate Ster Sport AAA (Beart 411 x Nammen 308) and Alive S. van de Sprong Model AAA (Beart 411 x Brend 413) score the highest with 114. With 115 for conformation, there are six mares that stand out, with Joy van de Meikade Kroon AA (Tiede 501 x Pier 448) combining 115 conformation with 110 for movement. Also Mai Elvira Ster (Alwin 469 x Beart 411), Maan fan ‘t Brillehof Ster (Alwin 469 x Uldrik 457), Klaske van de Lage Landen Ster (Alwin 469 x Onne 376), Minthe van de Oudkleefsebaan Ster (Tiede 501 x Uldrik 457) and Majesteit SR Vb (Tiede 501 x Doaitsen 420) also achieve that breeding value of 115.

Numbers three and four: daughters of Omer 493
In the list of less related mares (lower than 17%), the major influence of Omer 493 is striking. His daughters Hanne T. fan ‘e Boppelannen Ster AA and Ieke T. van Sessing Kroon AAA complete the top 2 here. This mare is also in the top 5 of the total mare list. The difference in breeding values ​​between the less related mares and the total mare list is small.
With 110 for conformation, Veerle SR Kroon Sport AAA (Thorben 466 x Onne 376), Ieke T. van Sessing Kroon AAA (Omer 493 x Uldrik 457) and Ypie SR Ster Preferent (Doaitsen 420 x Teunis 332) fill the top 3. In motion Lys Birkemose Ster AA (Omer 493 x Jasper 366) tops the list with 110 . Also notable in this list are the twelve Bijboek I and II mares, most of which are located abroad.

Top list at least 107 total index
The top list of breeding values ​​includes mares with a minimum total index of 107, where the reliability for movement and conformation is at least 30% and (live) mares up to and including an age of 20 years are included. The list of more closely related mares has also been selected for mares with a relatedness of lower than 17%, last year this was still lower than 16.5%. The top list also includes character and sport breeding values, provided they have a reliability of at least 30%.

Breeding values ​​= tool
Breeding values ​​are an aid in making correct mating combinations. Breeding values ​​of 96 to 104 are average. The values ​​beyond that concern the more extremes. The greater the deviation, the greater the expected effect. The degree of reliability is important here. This indicates the degree of accuracy of the image of the actual genetic predisposition. The higher the reliability, the better the picture of the actual genetic predisposition. In addition to conformation and movement characteristics, breeding values ​​for (competition) sport and character are available for most studbook stallions and more and more mares. In many cases, these are not yet reliable enough for mares to publish, but that does not alter the fact that these are important characteristics.

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