Saddleseat Superstar Prospect: 2016 Star Gelding

Clavier fan Friesburg

Ad Details

Price: $48000
Date Of Birth: April 17, 2016
Lifenumber: 201601299
Name: Clavier fan Friesburg
Fathers Name: Jehannes 484
Mothers Fathers Name: Jerke 434
Mothers Name: Claviera
Gender: Gelding

Owner Information

Name: Matt Mazza
Address: 40 Dunbarton Center Road
Postalcode: 03304
City: Bow
State: New Hampshire
Country: United States
Phone: 603-512-1346


Clavier is an incredible saddle seat and fine harness prospect that has the motion and attitude to take you to the top ribbons! 

This 2016 1st premium foal, high star preferent and model mare lineage, just earned his STAR rating as a 4 year old as well as "Mover of the Day" at his June 2020 keuring out of 53 horses.

A willing, active, high energy gelding who has a strong work ethic. His movement is bold and strong with a powerhouse of energy. A solid walk, trot, and canter, he is extremely athletic and elastic and feels like riding on a cloud. Having a soft mouth, reaches for the bit, and stays lightly in your hands. he Clavier's docile soul and sweet personality will make him the barn favorite in no time. He loves to be around people and is very affectionate and playful as well as having excellent ground manners.  

After arriving from the Netherlands in July, Clavier has continues in full training with Matt Mazza under saddle and who will soon continue his harness training.


Jehannes 484 Stb Sport AAA Tsjalle 454 Stb Sport Elite Pref AAA Mintse 384 Stb Sport Leffert 306 Stb Sport Pref
Jieldou Stb Ster Pref Prest
Welmoed fan Fjildsicht Stb Ster Pref Prest Brandus 345 Stb Sport Pref
Hadewich fan Fjildsicht Stb Ster Pref Prest
Femke van Dedgum Stb Ster Pref Prest Oepke 266 Stb Wessel 237 Stb Preferent
Trienke Stb Ster Pref
Tsjollie Stb Ster Pref Fokke 217 Stb
Eelsiena Stb
Claviera Stb Ster Sport AA Jerke 434 Stb Sport AAA Onne 376 Stb Sport Leffert 306 Stb Sport Pref
Ytsje Stb Ster Pref
Reina van de Wittewijk Stb Model Tsjerk 328 Stb Sport Pref
Baukje fan 't Reidfjild Stb
Xaviera El. Stb Ster Sport AAA Brandus 345 Stb Sport Pref Reitse 272 Stb Sport Pref
Hoogheid Stb Ster
Annegien E.L. Stb Ster Pref Leffert 306 Stb Sport Pref
Pieta Stb Ster