September Board of Directors Highlights

The Board of Directors met on Tuesday Sept. 15th, 2020.

Items of Interest

  • The Finance Committee proposed changes to Employee Benefits.  FHANA will switch from a Simple IRA to a 401 K and will implement changes to Paid Time Off.  The committee is also looking into the Health Care Policy.
  • The Sports Committee has brought forth a proposal for a Horse Lifetime Achievement Award.  This is still in the working phases.
  • The Treasurer reported the finances for FHANA continue to trend in a positive direction.
  • The Membership committee proposed to utilize the KFPS Friesian Book and distribute these to all New members starting with 2021 Memberships.
  • The Membership Committee also proposed the eliminating the Magazine Subscription and Associate Membership categories and combining them into one category called “Friends of FHANA”, the cost would be $60 for one year and $80 for two years.

The Friesian Magazine

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