KFPS Grooming Requirements

In 2014, the KFPS collectively decided that grooming of the Friesian horse has to meet the requirements for welfare.  This information was published previously and has been included as part of our Inspection Handbook.  While most members normally respect this rule, it hasn’t been followed or enforced to the degree the KFPS expects.

Effective immediately, the KFPS will be enforcing the following Grooming Rule.  If you do not follow this grooming rule and you attend an inspection, your horse will be automatically dismissed from participating in the Inspection.  There will be no reimbursement of Inspection fees by FHANA or the KFPS.

Article 14: Grooming of the KFPS Rules and Regulations-Trimming the insides of the ears and trimming or clipping of the tactile hairs around eyes, nose and mouth is not allowed. 

Tactile hairs are important for the horse, the horse uses them to feel his way around.  The hairs on the insides of the ears also have a function, they provide protection against vermin, cold and dirt.  When pushing the sides of the ears together it is allowed to trim away the protruding hairs.  It is also allowed to give the edges a neat trim.

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