Inspection Advertising Opportunity

The 2022 Inspections will be here before you know it?  FHANA will be working with Dahl Graphics once again to produce the Inspection Programs that we have to expect at each and every inspection location.  These programs will be available to each spectator and participant at each inspection location.  We have been waiting for 2 years for this opportunity to once again to present itself so make sure you are included in the 2022 FHANA Inspection Programs.

DAHL Graphics Inspection programs

Advertising Information:


Deadline: Circuit 1-August 1, 2022, Circuit 2 & 3- September 1, 2022



The FHANA Resource Book

THE FHANA Resource Book is now available for order. This publication is good for all NEW and SEASONED members alike. Contact FHANA to obtain your copy today.