Friesian Talent Cup

Did you know that FHANA offers a Talent Cup very similar to the KFPS?  FHANA’s Sport Talent Cup Awards are to test the predisposition for dressage and to reward young FHANA horses that are excelling in ridden or driven dressage performance.  The Talent Cup Awards will be for 4, 5, and 6 YOs. FHANA Sport Talent Cup awards are based strictly on the ADS, USEF, USDF & EC dressage scores a horse achieves as a 4YO, 5YO, or 6 YO. For each age group there will be both a ridden and a driven annual Talent Cup winner and runner-up.  Ridden dressage scores may be earned from every USDF test, Materiale through Level 3. Driven dressage scores may be earned from every ADS test, Training through Intermediate.

Help us promote the FHANA Talent Cup to the level of the KFPS.  Please review the link:

We hope to have your horse included in our Talent Cup for 2022.

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