Board of Director Meeting Highlights

The Board of Directors met on Wednesday March 31, 2021.  Here are the bullet points of the meeting.

  • Mr. Smith reported another financially sound month for the month of February and March is trending the same direction.
  • Mr. Tice reported that the membership is currently 12% higher than this time last year.
  • We do have one current DNA issue that is presently being resolved.  It seems the horses may have been mixed up when they were sold in 2005.
  • Mr. Laude presented the following motion from the Inspection Committee: Mr. Laude made a motion that we
    revise the language in the Inspection Manual to: FHANA will follow the USDA’s Coggins
    testing requirement that nursing foals do not need a Coggins test prior to their Inspection
    but weaned foals are required to be tested.  Coggins must be valid in accordance with the local jurisdiction of where the event is being held.
  • The Board reviewed and adopted the recent Bylaw change that was voted on by the membership.
  • The Board reviewed the logo results.  Additional information will be coming out regarding the results and how to proceed.
  • The Board voted in favor of renewing our lease with the United States Pony Club for 3 more years.
  • Officer Elections
    • President: Dr. Rosanne Palermo
    • Vice President: Mr. Marquis Laude
    • Secretary: Ms. Allison Thomas
    • Treasurer: Mr. Eric Smith

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