Board of Director Highlights May 16, 2023

The FHANA Board of Directors met on Tuesday May 16th, 2023.  Here are some highlights from the meeting.

  • The board will continue to discuss allowing breeding permits for stallions in Canada.  This will continue to be developed and a request submitted to the KFPS prior to the 2023 Inspections.
  • The board has voted and approved to hold the 2025 AGM and 40th Anniversary Celebration in Reno, NV.  Host hotel will be the Silver Legacy with events taking place at the RSLEC.
  • The Education Committee continues to develop the judging clinics for the upcoming fall level sessions.  Registration can now be submitted to FHANA with the cost being $450 per person.  Contact FHANA for additional details.
  • The Sports Committee has made changes to the award requirements by reducing the amount of rated shows that need to be completed by one in hopes this will encourage more members to submit for the end of the year awards program.

The next board of directors meeting will take place June 20, 2023 at 6PM EDT.

The FHANA Resource Book

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