Chronic Progressive Lymphedema…Part II

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Rebecka Blenntoft trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage with the Vodder Schule in Austria and treated within the NHS, Hospices, and private practice for over 15 years. She completed her Equine Lymphology qualifications through the ESEL, at the Veterinary University at Hannover, Germany and is the Founder and Director of Equilymph Ltd, which designs and manufactures medically correct compression for horses suffering from lymphatic disease. Equilymph provides training and certification to vets as well as support to owners of horses with CPL and secondary lymphoedema. Rebecka has given talks and lectures round the world to veterinary congresses in Brazil, Finland, and Belgium, and frequently contributes to journals and publications to raise awareness of this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed disease.

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