Friesian Specific Health Issues-Dr. Kathy Fox

Dr. Kathy Fox from the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses updates the membership on what the Foundation has been doing in the way of research to help the Friesian horse and answers questions for the membership regarding their Friesian horses.

About the speaker: Dr. Fox graduated from Clinton High School, where she received a degree in Animal Science from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls, followed by a Masters Program at Texas A & M University. After working in the horse industry for a number of years, she attended the University of Wisconsin- School of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1995. After a year long equine internship at Littleton Large Animal Clinic in Littleton, CO, she returned to Wisconsin, got married to Lance Fox (also a veterinarian) and went to work at Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Fox has been in private practice since that time, moving to New London, WI in 1999 and working for Great Lakes Veterinary Clinic in Neenah, then starting her own private practice in 2006. Dr. Fox is currently with the Fenway Foundation For Friesian Horses full time and continue her private practice on a very small scale. Dr. Fox, Lance, and two children live on 10 acres just outside New London with their assorted 4-legged family members. Dr. Fox currently owns three horses, two of which her daughter and her show together.

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