Janine Regier reaches 500 hours

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Janine has reached 500 hours on Hastin JH de Fry-Syed (AKA Fabio).

Janine began her Dressage Journey with Fabio in January 2024, after a very successful show at the first ever Oklahoma Friesian show and Friesian breed showcase at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Janine and Fabio are an Amazingly Beautiful matched pair with wonderful personality and poise in the dressage arena. They have placed very well in all of her schooling shows as she prepares to advance to sanctioned shows. Her dedication to her skills as she and Fabio train almost daily for this outstanding Adventure is most admirable.

This Breed has captured her heart and she works diligently to help others around her improve with their Friesian’s as well.

FHANA & FHA-OK would like to congratulate Janine on her accomplishments and dedication.  I (Carl Martin) would like to personally praise her Outstanding daily efforts, working to become all this team can be.

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