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FHANA Introduces a webinar sponsored by the FHANA Health Committee

Jade Stanbrook has been the driving force behind Foy Insurance Equine since 2015.   She came aboard having already been in the insurance industry for 15 years (splitting her time between Equine Insurance and Aviation Insurance).   Jade caught the horse-riding bug early on and horses have remained a major part of her life ever since then.   With a degree in Equine Management and a love of horses, equine insurance came naturally to the Massachusetts native.   She enjoys helping fellow horse-people navigate the wacky world of insurance.     When not at the barn or in the office, Jade can be found hanging out with her three rescued cats, Wally, Polly and Fred, listening to loud heavy metal music, splitting firewood or playing the occasional pick-up game of roller-hockey.   Jade is notoriously terribly at name/face recognition, so if you see her out at a horse show, don’t be shy- say hello and don’t be surprised if it takes her a minute (or two) to remember who you are!

When: June 13, 2024
Time: 7:00PM EDT

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