Wonderful 2019 - 1e Premie Thorben colt

Kingston's Pride, EFF

Ad Details

Price: $15000
Date Of Birth: April 29, 2019
Lifenumber: 201901380
Name: Kingston's Pride, EFF
Fathers Name: Thorben 466
Mothers Fathers Name: Eibert 419
Mothers Name: Lieke K.
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Annette Carpenter
Address: 2200 Marshall Court
Postalcode: 94513
City: Brentwood
State: California
Country: United States
Phone: 925-321-7895
Email: EasterFarmsFriesians@gmail.com


2019 Thorben 466 X Eibert 419 colt took 1e premie and Res. Champion Colt at the 2019 Hanford, CA Keuring.  This special boy is so intelligent and loves everyone.  He should be quite tall as his half brother (mother's side) is 169.  Kingston has a beautiful walk and trot already and should make an amazing dressage and or carriage horse if that is the direction you are looking for.  He trailers, stands for farrier, UTD on Vaccinations and cross ties.


Thorben 466 Stb Sport-Elite Ielke 382 Stb Sport Nykle 309 Stb Djurre 284 Stb
Eefke Stb Model
Imkje Stb Ster Pref Prest Tsjalling 235 Stb Preferent
Toltsje Stb Ster
Hester fan Fjildsicht Stb Ster Pref Sape 381 Stb Sport Fabe 348 Stb Sport Pref
Olcha Stb Model Pref Prest
Trixt fan Fjildsicht Stb Ster Pref Brandus 345 Stb Sport Pref
Elbrich fan Fjildsicht Stb Ster Pref
Lieke K. Stb Eibert 419 Stb Sport Folkert 353 Stb Sport Pref Feitse 293 Stb Preferent
Leentsje J. Stb Ster Pref
Joyke v/h Galgendaal Stb Reitse 272 Stb Sport Pref
Els Stb Ster
Jaike M. Stb Ster Oltman 317 Stb Tamme 276 Stb
Ulske-Sietske v.d. Hertshoorn Stb Model
Irma v.d. Zuiderwaard Stb Ster Hearke 254 Stb Sport Pref
Paulaa Stb