Handsome Ulbran colt out of imported Ster mare

Apollo H.F.F.

Ad Details

Price: $14000
Date Of Birth: March 20, 2024
Lifenumber: 202400533
Name: Apollo H.F.F.
Fathers Name: Ulbrân 502
Mothers Fathers Name: Epke 474
Mothers Name: Bariëtte N.M.K
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Coreen Nicole Hill
Postalcode: 99224
City: Spokane
State: Washington
Country: United States
Phone: 12065799300
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.hillfamilyfriesians.net/


Apollo H.F.F. is going to make someone very happy!  He is the whole package.  This wonderful colt by Ulbran 502 Sport AAA is not only great looking, but he is very easy to work with.  Apollo has a lovely uphill build with a great frame.  He is also very friendly and willing to please.  At 2 months only, he is leading, loading, picking up his feet and learning to tie.  He has no problem taking walks with me or going into the barn for grooming away from the herd (and mom).
Apollo's dam is our beautiful imported Ster mare Bariette NMK.  Bariette is simply a pleasure to be around!  Although we only use her for breeding, she is trained to ride and drive and was an excellent student.  It is not uncommon to see me on her in the summer, absolutely no tack, just enjoying the sun.  She is jet black with fabulous hair, great feet and an easy keeper!
His sire, Ulbran 502 is nothing short of fabulous.  This Sport AAA stallion is not only stunning but when I met him last year I was also impressed with his impeccable character.
Apollo has a .39% inbreeding and kinship of 17.8%.  He is also negative for dwarf and hydro.
Please reach out with any questions that you may have


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