First Premie Champion Colt- SOLD

Jacques Rae FF

Ad Details

Price: $10000-15000
Date Of Birth: May 16, 2019
Lifenumber: 201902112
Name: Jacques Rae FF
Fathers Name: Meinse 439
Mothers Fathers Name: Doaitsen 420
Mothers Name: Illand Kula
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Kristy Dye
Postalcode: 63664
City: Potosi
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Phone: 5732598166


Jacques Rae FF (Meinse 439 x Doaitsen 420) is a full papered colt out of a unique bloodline. He got first premie and champion colt at the Kansas Keuring.

This guy is BUILT FOR SPORT!! He has so much potential! Not only does he have the looks and moves, he’s got the personality! Jacques is the sweetest, most willing, smart foal I’ve ever been around. I honestly cannot brag on his temperament enough. This guy is going to make an AMAZING partner in whatever his new owners decide to do with him. He wants to please and be around people.

Jacques has a great neck with a good top line and croup. His legs have awesome quality. He has a lengthy walk and a carrying trot with good length.


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