Pretty full papered Wolter 513 filly

Zaaronska van JAM

Ad Details

Price: $14500
Date Of Birth: April 20, 2023
Lifenumber: 202303134
Name: Zaaronska van JAM
Fathers Name: Wolter 513
Mothers Fathers Name: Ulbrân 502
Mothers Name: Lyanna Stal de Oergong
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Jennifer Cunningham
Address: 7007 , Avon Lake Rd
Postalcode: 44275
City: Spencer
State: Ohio
Country: United States
Phone: 3303510321
Email: [email protected]


Zaaronska Van JAM is a big pretty filly Wolter 513 and out of a Ster AA Ulbran 502 mare.  She has a lovely trot and conformation.  She is friendly and loves attention.  Leads and ties to be groomed.  She will make a lovely sport horse sure to follow in both her Sire and Dams footsteps and be a great asset for any breeding program with her outstanding pedigree.  


Wolter 513 Stb AA Fabe 348 Stb Sport Pref Melle 311 Stb Sport Frans 289 Stb
Woltje Stb Ster Pref
Kee Stb Ster Romke 234 Stb
Hilja Stb Ster
Zandra fân Bartlehiem Stb Ster Pref Karst 362 Stb Doeke 287 Stb
Romkje Stb Ster Pref
Idske fan 'e Efterwei Stb Ster Pref Naen 264 Stb Preferent
Tjallie Stb Ster
Lyanna Stal de Oergong Stb Ster AA Ulbrân 502 Stb Sport AAA Reinder 452 Stb Sport AA Aan 416 Stb
Trynke B. Stb Ster
Wytske fan 'e Wigéri Stb Ster Jakob 302 Stb Sport
Jeldau fan 'e Wigêri Stb Model Pref Prest AAA
Romy Stal de Oergong Stb Ster Stendert 447 Stb Sport AAA Andries 415 Stb Sport
Aukje Boszorg Stb Model Pref Prest
Ancke V. Stb Model Sport Pref AA Teunis 332 Stb Sport Pref
Imma Stb Ster Pref Prest