BEAUTIFUL Filly: Wieke M

Wieke M

Ad Details

Price: $10000
Date Of Birth: May 9, 2023
Lifenumber: 202302407
Name: Wieke M
Fathers Name: Ulbe 506
Mothers Fathers Name: Wimer 461
Mothers Name: Meike fan it Jachthûs
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Annie Muilwijk
Address: 40025 Range Road 280
Postalcode: T4M0W8
City: LACOMBE County
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
Phone: 403-598-3675
Email: [email protected]


This BEAUTIFUL Filly, Wieke M, is for sale.
Sire: Ulbe 506 - Dam: Meike fan it Jachthus (Wimer 461)
DOB: May 9, 2023-Inbreeding 1.56%-Kinship 17.19%- Mare line 50.
Wieke M is a sweet and curious filly with a noble head and big eyes. Good ground manners and current on deworming. Free of dwarfism and hydrocephalus.
Wieke’s mom, Meike fan it Jachthus, is a very nice Ster mare with an exceptional pedigree:Ster Pref*6 – Model – Ster Pref*8 – Model Pref*4, Mare line 50.
Meike is also, a really fertile mare. Every year pregnant and all her foals have a sweet temperament, noble heads and good racial type.
e-mail ([email protected]) or phone (001.403.598.3675) us for more info, price, photos, and videos.


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