Beautiful Heike Twa fan Nicomen - 5yr old all around mare

Heike twa fan Nicomen

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Date Of Birth: June 14, 2018
Lifenumber: 201803391
Name: Heike twa fan Nicomen
Fathers Name: Nane 492
Mothers Fathers Name: Tsjalke 397
Mothers Name: Zelina af Abildgaard
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Annie Muilwijk
Address: RR 1, site 4, Box 7
Postalcode: T4L 2N1
City: Lacombe
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
Phone: 403-598-3675
Email: [email protected]


BEAUTIFUL KFPS Studbook MARE: Heike Twa fan Nicomen
Nane 492 Sport x Tsjalke 397
DOB: June 14, 2018 -  Height: 1.65 m. - Inbreeding 2.15% - kinship: 17.89%

Heike twa fan Nicomen
is a very nice mare with an exceptional pedigree. Her mother Zelina af Abildgaard is a 1st premie ster mare with good offspring and her mother is Tetje K. 1st premie Ster Pref and before that all ster and ster pref mares till 1948.

Heike twa fan Nicomen is a sporty type riding horse and looks promising for a great dressage career. She has been out on the trails and is currently actively used for driving. She drives single, pair and 4-up.

Heike twa fan Nicomen ia a very friendly mare and deserves a good home and nice people that work with her. She gets uncertain when people don’t handle her with confidence or aren’t honest.
She loves to work and please people. She is current on vaccinations and deworming.
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phone 001-403-598-3675


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