Stunning athletic filly

Reveille fan Raven's Ridge

Ad Details

Price: $20000
Date Of Birth: March 19, 2021
Lifenumber: 202103424
Name: Reveille fan Raven's Ridge
Fathers Name: Haike 482
Mothers Fathers Name: Doaitsen 420
Mothers Name: Leeanne H.
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Melissa
Postalcode: 76179
City: Fort Worth
State: Texas
Country: United States
Phone: 2147723474



Haike 482 x Doaitsen 420. This is a filly we absolutely hate to see leave. She is a stunning athletic filly with an excellent mind and strives to please people. Raven is a quiet filly with no vices or bad habits. She is an easy keeper and easy to handle. She is also the youngest in the herd and has learned alot from the other mares. She is mentally mature for her age and has never gave us a problem of any kind!! Raven is negative for Hydro/Dwarfism. She was born during the pandemic so did not attend her foal inspection. 

Fort Worth, TX


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